Top 15 Creative Black and Gold Eyelash Packaging Tips to Boost Your Sales

Artificial eyelashes are one of the best-sellers cosmetic products wanted by many customers in this market. Responding to this, many brands – new or famous ones – have been taking part in the competition. Thus, if you wish to strive and win the fierce market competition, you will need a wow product display. You will need unique packaging in this context. No ideas to design your product packaging? Below are the top 15 creative black and gold eyelash packaging tips to boost your sales!

The Importance of Custom Packaging for Eyelashes

There is no denying that your product packaging will be the first thing that beauty fans you want to impress will see. If your packaging can get customers’ attention and appeal to them, they will take your eyelashes home. If not? Well, sorry to say, but your eyelashes may only collect dust on the shelves.

Let’s admit it, custom packaging for eyelashes just as important as your product itself. Without appealing packaging, your brand is going nowhere. So, to lead your brand to success, below are creative black and gold eyelash packaging tips to boost your sales!

Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas – Know Your Market Customers First!

Before designing your packaging, the first thing you need to do is know your market customers. Ask the questions below before diving into creative eyelash packaging ideas!

  • Who will be your target customers?
  • Are you targeting teenage girls or those busy career women?
  • What are they expecting from your artificial eyelashes?
  • What gets their attention? 

Eyelashes Packaging Ideas – Define Your Brand’s Unique Personality

Knowing your brand’s unique identity is as important as your customers’ identity. So, let’s again ask some questions before we go further into eyelashes packaging ideas!

  • How do you define your brand?
  • Decide whether your brand is unconventional, simple and classic, or Elegant?
  • Who are you as a brand?
  • What personality do you want to convey to your customers to see from your brand?

Measure the Accurate Size for Your Eyelash Packaging

With confidence, we can say that properly sized packaging plays multiple roles, including:

  • It helps you save money
  • It helps in reducing shipping costs
  • It contributes to supporting sustainability

By measuring the right size of eyelash packaging, you can eventually minimize the amount of material you need to use. At the same time, this packaging will help you maximize the presence of your products on the shelves.

So, make sure to know the dimensions and weight of your products to make the right measurement. Keep in mind that leaving extra space on your packaging can increase transportation costs. Notwithstanding that, properly sized packaging will also help to position your brand in customers’ eyes. In the end, you can influence your customers’ journey with the right size of packaging.

Focus On Using the Suitable Packaging Material and Special Printing Options

Yes, you will need to select the right packaging material and special printing options to use on your product packaging. In fact, we should say that this is one of the most essential eyelash packaging box ideas. However, keep in mind that the more complex your product packaging will be, the higher budget you have to spend.

Modern Minimalist Pastel Is Perfect for Cosmetic Packaging

A combination of pastel colors and minimalism can be heavenly matches. Pastel colors will soften the minimalist packaging design. Meanwhile, the minimalist design will ensure that your pastel packaging comes with a modern and mature look.

For instance, you can keep your packaging simple and stylish by choosing pastel colors that appeal to your customers. Or else, you can combine pastel colors for a dreamy look. This unique design for cosmetic packaging will eventually help your brand to stand out in the market.

Unique Eyelash Packaging Ideas – Choose the Type of Packaging Wisely

When it comes to unique eyelash packaging ideas, you need to think about layers for your product packaging. The external packaging will be the first thing a customer must look at in order to reach your artificial eyelashes. This can be the packaging you used to ship a customer’s order from a warehouse. Meanwhile, the inner packaging is what contains your products. Ultimately, the whole packaging is your black and gold eyelash packaging itself. Typically, artificial eyelashes will be packed in custom inserts to hold them properly.

Apply Sophisticated Line Drawing on Eyelash Packaging Bags

Sophisticated drawings with fine lines and details are a beautiful trend for eyelash packaging bags. Applying floral patterns and handmade designs will also work well.

This trend will be ideal if your brand is looking at the details. If you are looking for something elegant and detailed, a geometric, clean, and cool drawing style will be a perfect choice. In addition, this trend will also work if you are looking for a delicate and beautiful way to draw and showcase your products.

Bold and Trendy Patterns Will Be Cute Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Applying a combination of bright stripes and wild colors with trendy patterns is one of the cute eyelash packaging ideas. This design will make your product packaging pop out of the shelves. An organized and eye-catching pattern will eventually set the packaging scene. Even better, this design will give your brand a confident and youthful look. With this perfect combination, you will set your brand apart from other eyelashes brands.

Combine a Unique Pattern with Lively Colors and Shapes

A unique pattern is a repetitive tendency that will give something specific to your product packaging. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that your brand needs to be youthful and noisy to take advantage of this trend. Instead, abstract patterns can work very well for any brand. Plus, never forget to apply the right colors and shapes for your packaging.

Black and Gold Eyelash Packaging Will Always Be a Timeless Trend

Black and gold eyelash packaging is a timeless trend that people will never get tired of. Today, black and gold colors appear to dominate the world of packaging for many cosmetic products. Black and gold colors will make your packaging look gorgeous with a mysterious and cool atmosphere. And if you choose an elegant design, your packaging will never be out of date.

Use Unique Custom Fonts

These days, the trend of bold font style in graphic design has extended to packaging. Unique fonts can help you add various characters to your eyelash packaging. In fact, your font style will be a smart approach you can do to express yourself as a brand.

In fact, there is no doubt that unique fonts will remain in customers’ minds. For example, you can go with retro ambiance, bold expression, or a whimsical atmosphere.

Place Your Brand Logo as the Main Focus

Your brand logo will be an identity that represents your business. Even better, your stunning logo will help the market customers to recognize your brand immediately, even from a far distance. In this context, make sure to place your logo in the center of your eyelash packaging.

Remember that your brand logo is not only your business identity. More than that, it is also a part of your marketing communications. So, why would you let it fade into the background?

Apply Your Branding Elements to Custom Packaging for Eyelashes

Make sure to display it on all parts of your promotional material. Of course, this includes your custom packaging for eyelashes. If you are a new brand that is just entering the cosmetics industry, all you need to build your identity is a branded packaging solution. When making a purchase, the first thing customers want to know is the company behind the product.

In simple words, a unique brand logo not only attracts maximum attention. More than that, it will also play an important role in raising brand awareness and boosting your sales.

Custom Label Make Informative Black and Gold Eyelash Packaging

About 66% of customers admitted that they are paying more attention to the label on the packaging before proceeding. In fact, a recent survey has mentioned that customers are always positive about companies that provide clear information.

After all, we know how COVID19 has significantly changed customers’ shopping behavior. Without any doubt, today’s customers always focus on what is written on the packaging. This is why you need to make sure all the information on black and gold eyelash packaging is easy to read. Try to avoid using too much text. Instead, you can use visuals or infographics to provide the essential information you need. Well, it is not only about providing product information to customers. Instead, well-designed labels will also help you get customers’ attention. A clear label has the capacity to invite potential customers to buy your artificial eyelashes.

Work with A Trustworthy Packaging Supplier to Design Black and Gold Eyelash Packaging

Last but not least, another smart idea is to work with a trustworthy packaging supplier. An expert company such as CustomProductBoxes will manage the design process for your black and gold eyelash packaging. By doing this, you will get the most attractive product packaging that will boost your sales within seconds.

Happy designing!

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