How to Create a Perfect Box Template from Scratch?

Your packaging box basically has two main purposes. The first purpose is to be functional, and the second purpose is to be highly aesthetic. In addition, it is the one that makes them easy to transport. Moreover, the right box makes your products look more attractive while also strengthening your brand’s visual identity. You need to have the right box template to strive and eventually win in the crowded market industry. So, how about creating a perfect box template from scratch?

What Do You Need a Template for Retail Packaging Boxes?

If you think that a box is just a box, you are getting a misconception here.

Today, the box you use to pack your products acts more than simply to pack your products. More than that, we know that people will view the complete appearance of your products before purchasing them. This is where your packaging box plays its importance.

To compete in this modern retail world, you need to have retail packaging boxes that complement your products. At this point, you know the biggest reason to create a template for your box.

Try Out an Innovative Printable Box Template

Have you ever needed to deliver your product but having an issue finding a box that fits?

If this is what you have been experiencing, you need to create a printable box template. Yes, you can build a box from scratch with this template. In addition, you can use the template to resize a box, thus, making sure it perfectly fits your product.

After all, settling for box that is too large will only cost a lot of extra shipping costs. What’s more, searching for the right shape and size from those standard boxes can be a big waste of your time. So, why don’t you try building your own? This will help a lot when you need to deliver multiple products. To create this incredible time box template, you will need to work with a specialist packaging provider that uses innovative printing machinery.

Consider Using a Modern Cricut Box Template

Yes, you can make your box from a modern Cricut box template. To design the perfect box, you should prepare everything properly.

Prepare the materials you need, including:

  • Glitter cardstock (You can choose any type of material you need)
  • Excellent quality glue

Also prepare some tools you will need, such as:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Scoring wheel or Scoring stylus
  • Fine Point blade
  • A strong grip mat

Once you have everything you need, you can start designing your box. Here are the steps!

  • Upload your box template to Cricut Design Space
  • Create some folds by changing the cut lines
  • Select all of the elements you need on the canvas and then attach them
  • Choose the type of material you want from Design Space, or you can also go with “Custom”

The final thing you should do is place the material on the grip mat. Then, you should load it along with Scoring Tool and Fine Point Blade. Then, you can simply click the flashing “Go” button. When the cut is ready, you can easily unload the mat accordingly. Finally, you can remove the cut from the mat and assemble your box.

Get a Ready-Made Template!

These days, we can easily find anything we need at a single click on the internet. Well, a box template is no exception in this case. 

Of course, it will be difficult to fit the product into a standard box if you have a special product with a unique shape. However, chances are some people might have experienced a similar problem. Thus, there could be a perfect packaging template available for you out there. Guess what? The good news is that you can find and use many of these templates for free!

1.      Adobe Illustrator for a Square Box Template

To create a square box template on Adobe Illustrator, you need access to Adobe Illustrator to create the vector die line for your box. Additionally, you also need Adobe InDesign to place the artwork for your packaging. The excellent thing is that you can choose to draw your own template from scratch using the drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator.

However, you should know that these two programs will require you to follow a sharp learning curve. But no need to worry as you will find various online tutorials to get you started. Here, you are only limited by your tech knowledge and creative ideas.

2.      DIY – Create Your Paper Box Template

The most complicated thing about a paper box template is that it is a 2d drawing that you need to turn into a 3d object. Well, this applies to almost all boxes for retail products. 

In this context, it might be a bit difficult to conceptualize it. For some of us, this task might even feel daunting. On the other hand, if you have basic of tech-knowledge, a DIY option will be the best way to go.

3.      How About a Beautiful Gift Box Template?

We know that wrapping a gift is a beautiful art. Yet, the easiest and most convenient way to do it is to simply get those ready-made bags and boxes that are available in the market easily.

But you can actually spend some minutes making your own box gift box template. If you want to use the box for personal purposes, creating your own box will make your gift receiver happier. Not only because they appreciate the time and effort you put into making it. In addition, the box made with your own design ideas will have your personal touch.

Some exceptional methods you can try is by:

  • Using the easily available material such as lace, tie, or ribbon to decorate your box
  • Adding a gift card or write your own handwritten note on your box
  • Applying glitter effects to make your packaging look more sparkle and shimmering

There is nothing wrong with using DIY methods to create your box. In fact, this will help you as the materials are cheap and easy to do. Yet, you will get the result in a beautiful gift box you might not even want to give away.

4.      Try Out Easy-To-Create Rectangle Box Template

Yes, creating a rectangular box from a rectangle box template will be very easy. Make sure to create a custom pattern in the accurate size that meets your packaging needs.

So, here are the tools you will need:

  • Cardstock or cardboard paper
  • Pencil and ruler
  • A scissor or you can also use a craft knife
  • The steps

Decide the Pattern Size

You will need a rectangle pattern. When it comes to measuring the right size for your box, you need to know the exact dimensions.

For this, you need to know and understand some essential aspects such as:

  • What is the size for the base of your boxes you need with the width and length?
  • What is the exact depth of the box should be?

Draw Your Pattern for the Box

Now you need to draw the pattern for your box on paper. Or else, if you are ensured, you can draw it directly on cardboard or cardstock paper.

Next, you must also measure the depth of box you want from each side. Then, draw a line parallel to the side of your box. Keep in mind that the lines should cross to form a rectangle.

Assemble Your Box

In order to assemble your box properly, you should note some important specifications including:

  • The corner squares on your pattern will be the glue tabs
  • The lines drawn-out from the shorter sides will be the glue tab fold lines
  • The lines that you see extended from the longer sides will be the glue tab cut lines

Hire and Work with an Expert Packaging Designer

You might be able to find countless templates for your packaging box out there that you can adapt to your specific packaging needs. Yet, in some cases, you might need the right box to fulfill your specific purpose.

So, if you want to create the template exactly as how you want, or you don’t have the time to look for the perfect template, you need to hire and work with a packaging designer.

Remember that you need to find an expert designer that specializes in packaging designs. Thus, whether you need a cereal box template or popcorn box template, you can rest assured of getting the unique one.

Work with a Design Agency

In case you are targeting a huge market and have a sufficient budget, you can consider working with a design agency. The most effective way to find the right agency that is a good fit for you is by asking for recommendations from your friends or family.

Additionally, you can also try browsing an online package design directory. For example, you can try out The Dieline, which is a doorstop full of design agencies specializing in packaging design. One of the companies on this list will surely be capable of creating the splendid packaging template you have been dreaming of.

Wrapping Up

Well, creating a box template from scratch appears to be not as difficult as you might think, right? Besides being creative, you need easily available tools to create it. To make things a lot easier, CustomProductBoxes can assist you in creating the right template for your packaging box.

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