What Paper to Use for Custom Chip Bags? A Complete Guide

The modern business world always comes up with new trends. Some trends make it easier for businesses to grab more sales. Custom bags have become famous as personalized and custom-made products continue to grow. These bags end up being popular items for parties, events, and businesses. One of the most important factors to consider when creating these bags is the type of paper to use. So, what paper to use for custom chip bags? How many types of bags are available? Can you design the bags with your ideas? Here is a complete guide for you!

The Material Options for Custom Paper Bags

The first important thing to discuss is the right paper material you need to design perfect custom paper bags. Of course, you should always focus on the one that fits your specific needs and expectations. So, let’s have a look below at the paper options you can choose for your bags!

Kraft Is Perfect for Customized Paper Bags

Kraft paper is one of the most popular options in this case. The material comes from natural unbleached pulp and has an earthy look. Kraft will be perfect for eco-friendly or natural-themed events. Kraft paper is also an excellent choice if you want a simple, understated design for your bags.

Below are some advantages of using kraft for your customized paper bags!

  • Kraft paper is strong and durable for holding chips and other snacks
  • The material is also biodegradable and the best one for an environmentally friendly option
  • Its rustic look adds a natural and unique touch to your bags

A Glossy Paper Makes Your Custom Design Paper Bags More Appealing

Glossy paper is a great option if you want a more modern and polished look for your custom design paper bags. This type of paper has a shiny, reflective surface that makes colors pop. Better yet, even some modern graphics will look crisp and clean.

So, what are the advantages of using glossy paper?

  • The glossy paper provides a professional and sleek look to your bags
  • The shiny surface enhances the colors and graphics on the bags, making them more eye-catching
  • A glossy paper is also water-resistant and perfect for outdoor events

A Matte Paper Is Ideal for an Elegant Custom Paper Bag

A matte paper is another popular option for designing an elegant custom paper bag. Unlike glossy paper, it has a non-reflective surface. Additionally, it provides a subtle and modest look to the bag.

You will also get some advantages when choosing this paper to design your custom bag!

  • Matte paper gives a softer, more natural look to your bag
  • It is also ideal for designs with text, as the lack of shine makes the text easier to read
  • Matte paper is fingerprint-resistant

Metallic Paper for a Luxury Paper Packaging Bag

Metallic paper is an excellent option if you want to add a touch of glamour and shine to your paper packaging bag. This type of paper has a reflective and shimmering surface. Thus, it will give a luxurious and high-end vibe.

Have a look at are some advantages you can get from using this paper!

  • Metallic paper provides a unique and eye-catching look to your bag
  • It will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your bag, making them excellent for fashionable events
  • The reflective surface also enhances the colors and graphics on the bag, making them more striking


Cardstock is a thicker and sturdier paper option that is often used for your bags. It is available in a variety of weights and finishes. Thus, making it a versatile choice for different designs.

  • Cardstock offers many beneficial advantages when it comes to designing custom chip bags, including:
  • Cardstock is highly durable and splendid for holding heavier snacks like candies or popcorn
  • This material is customizable with various ranges of design options
  • The thickness of the cardstock provides a premium feel to the bags, making them ideal for special events

Keep in mind that you must focus on your needs, durability level, and the appearance you want to achieve when choosing the right paper.

The Various Types of Custom Printed Paper Bags

You will find various types of custom printed paper bags available for you to choose from. Thus, all you need is to ensure you will choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

Check out for some popular types of these bags you can choose below!

  • Stand-up pouches

These bags come with a flat bottom and are perfect to stand upright. This layout makes them ideal for displaying chips or other snacks on a table or shelf. Stand-up pouches can also come with resealable zippers or heat seals for easy opening and closing.

  • Flat pouches

This type is very simple and cost-effective for any business to choose. You can use it for small portions of chips or other snacks. Plus, you can also heat-seal it or add a zippered opening.

  • Gusseted bags

These bags have an expanded bottom that can provide extra space for holding larger quantities of items.

Pillow pouches

These bags are similar to flat pouches but are shaped like a pillow. Typically, they come with a small amount of air inside to provide some cushioning. You can use the bags for a variety of snacks, including chips and other dry foods.

  • Resealable bags

Resealable bags are great for keeping chips fresh, and they are reusable. They can come with a zippered opening or a sliding closure.

When selecting the right type, you must consider some points, including:

  • The intentional use
  • The level of durability
  • The design elements
  • The required bag size

By considering all these factors in mind, you can choose the suitable bag to suit your needs. Eventually, you can enhance the overall experience of customers by enjoying delicious snacks.

Easy Tips to Design Attractive Custom Paper Bags with Logo

To get attractive custom paper bags with logo, you can add a personalized touch according to any event, from birthday parties to weddings to corporate events. Believe it or not, designing the bags can be a fun and creative process.

Have a look below for some easy tips to help you create unique and memorable designs for your custom chip bags!

Determine Your Theme or Concept

Before you begin designing your bags, you must clearly understand the event theme or concept. This will guide your design choices. Additionally, it will ensure that your bags align with the overall event aesthetic. Some common event themes you can try out are include beach, tropical, rustic, vintage, and modern.

Decide the Specific Color Scheme for Your Bags

The next thing you must do is decide a color scheme that complements it. Consider using the event’s main colors or using a complementary color palette.

For instance:

  • A beach-themed event could use shades of blue, green, and sand colors
  • A rustic event might use earthy tones like brown, green, and beige

Select Graphics or Images

Choose graphics or images that relate to the event theme or concept. You can use some images like palm trees for a beach-themed event. Or else, you can use floral graphics or vintage illustrations for a rustic event. Make sure you apply high quality graphics and images. This way, they will look sharp when printed on your custom paper bags.

Add Text or a Message

Another fun thing you can do is include text or a message on the bags. This will give them a personal touch. You can add a simple message like “Thank you for celebrating with us!” Or else, you can also add the event’s date and location. Choose a font that is easy to read to complement the overall design.

Consider the Bag Type and Size

When designing the bag, you must consider its type and size. There are various bag types available, as we mentioned above. Additionally, you must choose a size that is appropriate for the event.

Work with a Reliable Packaging Supplier

In case you are not confident in your design skills or have zero experience, you can create your custom design paper bags with a packaging supplier. The experts there will guide you to select the right colors, graphics, and fonts to create a unique design. Simply put, they will make the design process much easier.

Review and Proofread

Before printing your bags, review and proofread the design. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that everything is correct. Don’t forget to double-check the colors, graphics, text, and bag size to make sure that they meet your expectations.

Final Notes

Undoubtedly, custom bags end up being a popular way to add a personal touch to any event, business, or occasion. These bags are ideal as they provide an opportunity to showcase your brand. At the same time, these bags also serve the functional purpose of keeping snacks fresh and easily transportable. When designing your bags, it’s important to consider what paper to use for custom chip bags. Considering a wide range of available types of these bags, you must choose the most suitable one. By following the guidelines we shared in this post, you can get functional and appealing bags. To start your design, you can feel free to contact CustomProductBoxes!

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