How to Design Custom Book Boxes That Attract Customers?

You might have heard the phrase many times, but yes, “Packaging of a product is as important as the product itself.” Even in the book publishing industry, the boxes you use are important. These boxes are the ones that help to protect your books and increase their shelf life. Most importantly, they will make your products stand out on the bookshelf. Custom book boxes, in this regard, not only serve a functional purpose. Far better, these boxes can be valuable to build brand awareness. Plus, they help you make a statement about your books and yourself.

But do you know how to design the boxes that attract customers and make a lasting impression? Check out below for some steps to help you out!

Always Use Premium Quality Packaging Materials for Your Book Boxes

The most important step in designing ideal book boxes is to choose premium quality packaging materials. There are various materials to make these boxes. You can choose from cardboard, corrugated paper, and kraft paper. To choose the right one, you must consider the type of your book, its size, and intentional use.

For example:

  • Cardboard or corrugate

If your book comes with a hardcover, it is best to use a thicker and more durable material. You can go with cardboard or corrugated material in this case. These materials provide excellent protection for your books inside. Additionally, they are also easy to print on. This feature makes them ideal for branding and marketing purposes.

  • Kraft

On the other hand, if your book comes with a soft cover, you should go with a lighter and more flexible material. Paperboard or kraft will be a better choice for this. Kraft paper is also eco-friendly, making it an attractive option for environmentally-conscious customers.

Align Your Design On Printed Book Boxes

Once you have chosen the suitable material, the next step is to design and print your boxes. Remember that the design should be eye-catching. At the same time, it should also reflect the book’s content and target audience.

There are various printing techniques you can choose to create innovatively printed book boxes. You can choose from offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing. Of course, you should choose the one that meets your desired outcome and budget.

For example:

  • Offset printing is ideal for large runs, as it is more cost-effective
  • Digital printing, on the other hand, is ideal for smaller runs or when you need a quick turnaround

Regarding the design, you need to align the color, images, and typography. All the aspects should create attractive and memorable boxes. You can try using a bold and eye-catching color scheme to make your books stand out. Keep in mind that the images of the book cover or illustrations are also ideal for enticing customers. Eventually, you can give them a glimpse of what is inside with a window shape on the boxes.

Consider Your Branding and Marketing Strategies

We all know that custom boxes are an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness and market any product. Thus, you must consider incorporating your logo, tagline, and other branding elements into your packaging design. For instance, using the book’s logo on the front of boxes can help to make it easily recognizable.

In addition to branding, custom boxes are also perfect for marketing purposes. Well then, you can include a promotional code or coupon inside your book box. This can encourage your customers to make more purchases in the future.

Be Careful When Deciding the Size and Shape

Yes, the size and shape of your boxes is also important consideration. The size you measure should be appropriate for your books inside. After all, your boxes should provide enough protection during transportation and storage.

Meanwhile, you should also customize the shape of your boxes to make your books stand out. Well, you can add an extra element of interest, actually.

For instance:

  • Use a unique or unusual shape, such as a hexagonal, to draw attention
  • A personalized box can make a statement and create a sense of excitement

Present Unique Packaging and Unboxing Experience Through Book Gift Boxes

Your product packaging and the unboxing experience are also essential in attracting customers. This is why your need to design your book gift boxes appealingly. Here, you need to consider delivering an enjoyable unboxing experience. Don’t worry; you can do this by using high-quality materials and a well-crafted design.

Check out some tips below!

  • Use high-quality materials and exclusive printing with special inks to give a premium feel
  • Include special features such as a ribbon or magnetic closure to create a memorable unboxing experience
  • Your boxes should be easy to open and close by customers
  • The boxes should protect your boxes during shipping, handling, and storage

Consider the Cost-Effectiveness of Your Cardboard Boxes

Finally, of course, you must also consider the cost-effectiveness of your boxes. The cost of cardboard boxes will depend on various factors such as the material, design, and printing technique. Of course, you must find a balance between creating attractive boxes and keeping costs under control.

Well, the good thing is, you can do this in many ways!

For instance, you can do the following!

  • Use more cost-effective materials such as kraft or paperboard
  • Go with a simple design can help to keep costs down
  • Do not apply unnecessary customization options
  • Ensure the boxes are in the exact sizes and shapes to reduce the production costs

By designing and customizing your boxes according to your needs, you can eventually make more sales. At the same time, you can also reduce your expenses while getting ideal boxes for your books.

Why Do You Need Attractively Customized Book Boxes?

Believe it or not, attractively customized book boxes can significantly impact the number of sales you will get. In fact, these boxes can influence the overall marketing and branding strategy you have. Why?

Here are some reasons why these boxes are so important!

Deliver a Wow First Impression

Custom boxes provide a great opportunity to make a wow first impression with potential customers. When you design the boxes with your branding ideas, you can create a positive experience. This will eventually increase the chances of more books you can sell.

Help Spread Brand Awareness

Personalized boxes can help to build brand awareness and increase recognition for the book and its author. For instance, if you deliver your books with mailer boxes, the unique elements, such as colors, images, and typography, can contribute to creating a strong brand image.

Guarantee Product Protection

Custom packaging boxes are also an effective way to protect your books. This is especially important for high-end or limited-edition books, which may require extra protection.

Differentiate Your Books

Uniquely designed boxes can help to differentiate your books from other competitors. This can be a highly important step if you are dealing with a crowded market where competition is quite high.

Generate Higher Sales

Last but not least, attractive boxes can help you generate higher sales. By creating a memorable experience and protecting the books, your boxes can contribute to overall success. Most importantly, they will help to increase your sales.

Simply put, carefully designed boxes are important in the book publishing industry. Even more, these boxes can significantly impact a book’s success.

In Summary

In summary, custom book boxes play an essential role in the book publishing industry. They are a valuable tool for creating a memorable first impression, building brand awareness, and differentiating you from other competitors. Designing attractive boxes requires careful consideration of various factors, including material, design, branding, and cost-effectiveness. By using color, images, typography and incorporating your branding and marketing elements, you can make a lasting impression. The best part is that this will eventually help to build brand awareness. In the end, when you design your boxes perfectly, you can increase sales and contribute to the overall success of your books. So, if you are ready to design the perfect boxes, you can feel free to contact CustomProductBoxes!

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