The Benefits of Using Cryovac Packaging for Food Items

Convenience foods packed in inconvenient packages will only be a bad combination. If you are running a business in the food industry, you know that the way you pack your items matters a lot. In fact, this can eventually influence the perceptions of customers when judging your food items and brand. To help many brands, the packaging industry has come up with innovative cryovac packaging. What type of packaging is this? Let’s explore the details here!

What Is Cryovac Packaging?

Are you still wasting time using the old way of storing and packing your food items? You can forget everything else when you try this magical and innovative packaging.

Cryovac is the brand name for superior packaging technology for food items, especially meats. This packaging allows fresh items to stay fresh longer. Cryovac meat packaging makes it easier for food brands to pack and present their fresh meat while keeping the meat to stay fresh longer.

Better yet, this packaging also benefits customers. How?

Depending on how long your customers need to store the meat, this packaging enables them to easily store the meat in the refrigerator for longer periods. In addition, cryovac packaging helps to avoid freezing the meat.

Are Cryovac Containers the Same as Vacuum Packaging?

Yes, cryovac containers are similar to vacuum packaging. Some people also know this packaging as wet ageing packaging. The reason for the name wet ageing packaging is the time the meat is packaged. This packaging will make the meat become juicier and fresher when it comes to storing it at freezing temperatures. The best part is that with the help of this packaging, you can keep your fresh meat safe from bacteria. Plus, your customers can keep the meats in the refrigerator for about 12 months. Well…

Simply put, this packaging allows you to store and protect your food items for longer periods of time. By having this packaging in your hands, storing food items and keeping them fresh is no longer a problem. When you can keep your items fresh, you can expect more customers to love to purchase from your food brand!

How Does Cryovac Food Packaging Work?

The cryovac food packaging works by removing air from the package before sealing. All you need to do is simply place your meat inside the packaging, remove the air inside and then seal it properly.

As mentioned above, this packaging is best known for its ability to kill germs and stop their growth. Even better, the packaging helps soften the meat and improves its flavor over time. At this point, we know the main reason that makes this packaging is worth having by many food brands.

The Benefits of Using Cryovac Packaging Materials

No business wants to do any activity without getting benefits. When it comes to considering whether or not to use cryovac packaging materials, you will find tremendous benefits in using this packaging. The plus point is that the benefits are not limited to your business. Instead, your customers will also get the benefits of using this packaging. What are they?

1.      Saves More Time for Your Customers

This packaging will save a lot of time for your customers. The main reason is due to customers can seal and freeze family-sized portions of cryovac food. Or else, they can also seal and freeze the individual portions of snacks and vegetables. What’s more, this packaging will be very useful w in sous vide. Your customers can easily add the desired amount to their sous vide or water boiler, then cook the food until done. There you go, meals are served.

2.      Provides More Protection to Your Food Items

This innovative packaging works well to prevent cryovac meat from drying out and freezer burning. We know that freezer burn occurs air might enter the items. This excellently designed packaging will help in preventing your meat from coming into contact with the air. Additionally, it works well in preventing moisture from evaporating. Thus, we can say that this will be an extra barrier to preserve your items.

3.      Helps You Extend Shelf Life of Your Items

Yes, this latest food packaging can greatly help you extend the shelf life of your food items. The process of vacuum sealing your items will make them last 3-5 times longer than food items stored in plastic containers or bags. Yet, the exact lifespan of your food items will depend on whether they will be stored in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry.

4.      Makes Your Food Items Taste Better

The way cryovac seals your food items retain moisture, juices and flavor in them. This way, your customers can tell the difference in taste. In fact, many surveys have mentioned that customers love to purchase food items in this packaging because they get the original taste of the food items.

Since the packaging preserves your food items by removing the air, you can rest assured that the taste of your items will remain delightful.

5.      Reduces the Potential Loss in Your Production Process

Less production means your food brand wastes less meat. As a food brand owner, you know that the meat will spoil within a few days without proper packaging. Accordingly, you might suffer a great loss if you cannot sell the meats you produced. To avoid such loss and failure, cryovac packaging is your best savior.

This packaging helps you by providing a full layer of protection for your meats. Made of the finest quality, this layer will keep your meat and other food items fresh for a long time. Even better, your items will stay fresh until they are sold. As a result, you will not have to worry about the loss in your production process.

6.      Serves as the Most Efficient Food Organizer

Cryovac food takes up less space in your or freezer. This is the reason that makes this packaging a highly efficient technology that makes people’s lives easier. Thanks to its unique method of food preservation, freezing and preserving meat and vegetables will be much easier. What’s more, you will love how this packaging will also be useful for preserving dry foods.

In simple words, this inventive packaging not only will help your food brand to survive. Better than that, this packaging makes storing your food items to be a lot easier for your beloved customers.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is clear that both your brand and your customers will get benefits from using this packaging. In other words, this packaging is perfect if you want to store the food items in perfect quality and chemical-free.

Things to Note When Packing Your Food Items in Cryovac Packaging

If you are interested to start packing your food items in cryovac packaging, you should also give some notes to make it easier for customers. What are they? Check out below!

Custom Labels

You need to provide the best before and pack dates of your food items on the custom labels. In this context, you can give your customers the best advice to determine the proper shelf life for your meat.

  • The expiration date – All fresh meat should be marked with an expiration date. You should provide this date as a guide under ideal refrigeration conditions.
  • Packing Date – All Cryovac food should be marked with a packing date as well

As a general rule, below are guidelines to advise your customers regarding the ideal refrigeration conditions.

  • Beef – Will last about 4 weeks from the date of packing
  • Lamb – Will remain good for 14 days from the packing date
  • Pork – Will be fresh about 10 days from the date of packing
  • Conmeat – This meat can last approximately 3 weeks from the date of packaging

As such, you should also recommend customers to place your food items it in the bottom of their refrigerator. This way, customers can peacefully leave the food items there until they are ready to use them.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Cryovac Packaging?

There are certain steps your business can follow to maximize the benefits of this modern packaging process. These steps will allow you to ensure the maximum shelf life of your food items.

  • Clean the surfaces thoroughly before placing your meats or food items
  • Remove or cover any sharp bones in the meat to avoid damaging your product packaging
  • Always blanch the vegetables before placing them in this packaging
  • Consider placing your food items in this packaging in freezer bags before delivering them to the stores. This will help you create an extra barrier for customers to store your food items for a longer time.

By following the steps above, you can maximize the shelf life of your food items in this packaging. Thus, they all will surely be well worth the little time and effort.

Final Ideas

With all the benefits it offers, cryovac packaging is perfect to influence the perceptions of customers. This packaging helps you to keep your items perfect when customers judge your food items and brand. Many food brands have tried this innovative packaging and grabbed the benefits. What about you? If you are interested to get this packaging of premium quality, you can contact CustomProductBoxes now!

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