White Shipping Boxes – Let’s Know More About the Boxes!

When customers purchase something from your online store, their orders have a long way to go. The products in this context can be swung around during processing, dropped on the ground, or got damaged. This is exactly why and where you need the right packaging boxes. Premium quality white shipping boxes will not only protect your products. More than that, these boxes will influence how customers recognize your brand. Getting excited to know more about these boxes? Below is a complete guide to read on about these boxes!

White Cardboard Shipping Boxes – Will They Be the Best Options?

Brands that frequently deliver their products to their customers know the importance of durable and attractive packaging boxes. Discreet multi-layer material is the main line of protection for products on the trail. Motivation is the reason why most shipments use white cardboard shipping boxes. The boxes work well for good marketing and successful promotional purposes.

Choosing these boxes offers your business clear advantages. When competitors and rivals are using standard boxes for shipping, these innovatively designed boxes will make your products stand out. Thus, we can clearly say that yes, these boxes will be the best option for shipping your products! So, how about we take a look at the benefits of using these boxes to convince you more?

What Are the Benefits of Using White Shipping Boxes Wholesale?

When we think about white shipping boxes wholesale, we probably already see some benefits. For some brands, white itself offers an advantage. This color looks extraordinary and often looks more elegant. In addition, white provides the ideal printing material for revealing dynamic tones.

Check out below for the wonderful benefits you can get from using these boxes!

White Boxes for Shipping Come with a Perfect Look

Except you are using custom printing, the white box is an easy and wise way to make your brand stand out. When so many custom boxes from customers appear in plain, pristine white boxes for shipping will surely pop out. A plain, unprinted white box can even look better than a plain, unprinted brown standard box.

The white color also provides a cleaner, more perfect look. Therefore, these boxes are ideal for delivering various products such as:

  • Pharma/medicine products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Food items
  • Apparel products

People usually associate these products with cleanliness, and ordinary standard boxes in brown color will be generally unpleasant.

Plain White Shipping Boxes Produce a High Color Contrast

In contrast to other colors such as brown, gray, or black, it is a mistake to say that white generally represents a very pure, clean, and aesthetically pleasing color. There is none. Instead, the white base accentuates all colors.

Printing on plain white shipping boxes will make the color richer and more realistic. The best part is that you will not  have to worry about which color to choose with white cardstock. Why? Because all colors will look exceptional. This way, the boxes will be a perfect match for your products. Yes, the uniqueness of white shipping boxes is that you can use any color of your choice.

White Corrugated Shipping Boxes Give a Sense of Luxury

Sharp colors and the perfect finish of white corrugated shipping boxes give these boxes a sense of luxury. Inner and outer printing guarantees a comfortable unboxing experience. You can create shaded illustrations with white cardstock so you can mark the entire boxes. As a result, customers will immediately feel that your boxes give them value and luxury from your products inside.

What’s more, the flexible customization options you apply to the boxes provide customers with a premium unboxing experience. In the end, not will these boxes enhance brand promotion. Better yet, they will also build a credible element.

Tips for Designing White Shipping Boxes

To help you design the best white shipping boxes to deliver your products, you can try out some tips below!

Printing Is Essential

Keep in mind that your brand name and logo should be printed on the boxes stunningly. In addition, your official social media profile is also worth mentioning. These details will encourage customers to follow you, share what they like about your products, and perhaps even record their unboxing videos.

Go for Sustainable Materials

You can eventually make sustainable choices when it comes to the packaging materials inside the boxes. For example, you can choose waxed paper if you need a protective layer between different products in large white shipping boxes. The paper consists of two layers with plant or flower seeds in between them. Thus, right after unboxing the boxes, your customers can use the wrapping paper to grow the plant.

Provide a Memorable Unboxing Experience

With standard packaging, the customers focus only on the product you are shipping. On the other hand, small white shipping boxes can make the unboxing moment to be a special experience. Even better, this experience can be memorable for your customers. Designing your boxes with an authentic brand theme will deliver an unforgettable experience for customers. Eventually, they will link this experience to your brand.

But how to make it work?

Let Your Unique Brand’s Personality Shine 

Customers will associate the same feelings with your brand when you deliver a fun and exciting unboxing experience for your customers. So many shipping boxes these days come in boring brown boxes with standard black and white invoices. Thus, small pink shipping boxes will easily make your brand stand out.

Includes Free Samples as Giveaways

We all love giveaways. You can also add giveaways to:

  • Provide your customers with more value than they expected
  • Attract attention to other products
  • Reduce the chances of returning your order

You can do this by:

  • Providing a discount code for the next order

Discount codes will be a perfect approach to increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

  • Encourage an activity to your customers

Some brands deliver their products in exclusive boxes and encourage customers to make something from the boxes.

  • Add your brand’s personal message

Adding a handwritten “thank you” note to every order is the best way to make your customers feel happy and appreciated. This will also help you build a true human connection. Most importantly, this type of interactive marketing can have a huge impact.

Don’t Make Your Customers Get Frustrated

You can give peace of mind to your beloved customers by delivering your products in easy-to-use white shipping boxes. How to create these boxes? Keep on reading!

  • Do not use Unnecessary packaging material – especially plastic

Unnecessary packaging material often makes your boxes to be difficult to open. Consider adding a perforated edge to your white shipping boxes wholesale. Then, you can place the opening procedure on the outside to avoid too much tape or wrap.

  • Make customers love you at first sight

Your package has finally arrived! Remove the tape, open the box, and finally, you can see the invoice and return form. Well…

Paperwork is usually the last thing to add to your boxes. Instead, it will be better for your customers to confirm their purchases first. Place invoices, manuals, and other documents first with your product at the top of the box. Why? Because customers who see and retain the product will not want to return the product. Therefore, as a brand owner, it is better for customers to think about your product first, rather than the price or the fact that they can return it.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, white shipping boxes can be the perfect solution to deliver your products and promote your brand all at once. These boxes are all you need to reach success easier. Interested in getting these impeccable boxes? Simply contact CustomProductBoxes now!

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