Triangle Boxes for Shipping

Our stunning triangle boxes for shipping are perfect for delivering your products to customers with style. Your product safety and impressive display are our top priorities. We know that some products require extra safety, and this is where you will love our custom boxes. You can get boxes made from eco-friendly materials to help your business achieve green packaging. Contact us to get the boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes!

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Why Choose a Triangle Shipping Box?

As the name suggests, the triangular form is irresistibly adorable and stylish. Our triangle shipping box is a great and attractive packaging solution. You can easily put triangular products and ship them securely.

In fact, you can use this fashionable and attractive box to pack various products such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Soaps
  • Gift products
  • And other types of products in a triangular shape

The beautiful and innovative layout makes this packaging box completely different from other traditional boxes for shipping. Eventually, when customers receive their ordered products in this appealing box, they will surely love to make future purchases!

Reasons to Get Your Triangle Box from Us

As a reliable packaging company, we are committed to making custom boxes that are precisely tailored to your needs and specifications. You are surely aware of the safety of your products. For this reason, you want the most durable packaging for your products.

Well, now you can release your worries as we provide the most durable triangle box to protect your products. Using our packaging box to pack or deliver your products not only gives them a unique look. In addition, the box provides absolute safety for your products as it is made from sturdy packaging materials.

What’s more, the triangular tubes are very easy to use and easier to pack and ship than traditional round tubes. Why?

Here is why!

  • Integral tubes ship flat to save space
  • Easy assembling in seconds with locking tabs
  • No tape or glue required for assembly

Our Durable Triangle Boxes Ensure Maximum Product Safety

We use sturdy and durable packaging materials to produce our triangle boxes. We do not compromise on quality because we do not want to lose our respected clients. In addition, we don’t want to disappoint our clients by providing packaging boxes made of inferior materials.

In simple words, you can trust us to get the ideal boxes for your products. We understand that if your customers receive your products in their original condition, they will surely love your brand. Even better, they will become your regular customers as well. Plus, they will recommend your brand to others.

Below are the different packaging materials we offer for our protective and attractive triangle mailer boxes!


Corrugated packaging material is very durable and contains corrugations. The number of flutes can be varied according to your packaging purposes. The main purpose of these flutes is to make your boxes more durable. Additionally, the flexible feature of this material opens up a wide range of customization options to give your products a high level of appeal.


An elegantly designed box made of cardboard will help you attract customers’ attention to your products. Moreover, you can easily customize cardboard material according to your wishes and tastes.


Designing your boxes from rigid packaging material will reflect the value of your brand and products in the eyes of customers.


Kraft is the lightest and most environmentally friendly packaging material. You can save on shipping costs by making your boxes from this material. Moreover, kraft material is naturally brown. But with different design options, you can get creative with your boxes. The best part is that boxes made of kraft can attract customers to purchase your products and effectively increase sales in the market.

The Designing Stages of the Triangle Box Template

When you decide to work with us, our packaging team will work with you through all the designing stages of our triangle box template.

Check Out Our Design and Style Collections!

The first thing you need to do is check the design style you want for your box. This way, you can easily choose your favorite design.

Pro-tip for you: When choosing a design, do not try to overdo it, as it will look bad. Instead, you should choose a simple and elegant design that gives your product a classy look.

Choose a Color Combination That Suits Your Packaging Design

For example, if you choose a light background, you should choose a dark color combination for the light background. This will make your product stand out. You should choose the right color combination for the origami triangle box according to your product and brand theme.

Print All the Key Information

With our innovative digital and offset printing techniques, we will print key information you want to print, such as:

  • Product ingredients with percentages
  • Cautions and warnings
  • Complete instructions for product usage
  • Manufacturing and expiration dates

By making us your packaging partner, you will have full control over the design, shape, and color of your boxes. This way, you can get the box to help you increase brand awareness. Plus, it will also be very useful for marketing purposes.

We Use High-Quality Printing for Our Retail Packaging Boxes

As a professional packaging supplier, we use high-quality printing on our retail packaging boxes. We combine our knowledge and expertise to make your products become more attractive and captivating. When it comes to quality, we make no compromises. For this reason, we have many regular clients who always choose our custom boxes.

The Coating Options

Glossy, Matte, and Spot UV laminations are available to make your boxes look more splendid and attractive.

A glossy coating is ideal if you want a dazzling packaging box. On the other hand, if you want to get a darker and more discreet box, you can go with a matte lamination. Meanwhile, Spot UV is also a good coating alternative. We provide this variety to ensure that you will get the exact appearance you want.

Hot Foiling Techniques

The hot foiling technique is another approach that ensures the box is vibrant and imaginative. The two most beautiful colors he recommends are silver and gold. Yet, you can choose any color you like.

Die-Cut Windows

Adding a transparent die-cut window shape is a great way to increase the visibility of your boxes. Many of our clients love to attach a window shape to their triangle boxes for shipping. Thus, making them one of our best-selling products. In fact, using PVC windows is another great technique to attract more customers.

Do I Need to Provide My Own Design?

We offer free design support to help you apply the design to your boxes. You can browse our design collections available on our website. Or else, if you have creative ideas and branding concepts, you can also provide your artwork.

Can I Get a Quote for My Triangular Box?

Yes, of course, you can.

All you need to do is provide us with the following:

  • The quantity of triangular box you need
  • The size and dimensions of your products
  • Other specifications of your products

You can simply fill in our “Price Quote Request” form to get an instant quote from our packaging specialists.

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Triangular Mailing Tubes?

Our minimum order quantity is 50 boxes. However, you can save even more when ordering a larger quantity of triangular mailing tubes from us.

Can I Trust Your Company Not to Share My Confidential Information with Others?

Yes, you can definitely trust us. We do not share or sell data or any confidential information of our clients to other organizations.

Does Your Company Offer Free Shipping to the US and Canada?

Yes, we are happy to offer our free shipping and handling on all US and Canada orders. We are always dedicated to developing the perfect solutions for all your personal and business requirements.

Make Us Your Reliable Packaging Partner!

Our triangle boxes for shipping with easy collapsible options allow you to conveniently transport your exclusive products. At CustomProductBoxes, our experts are available via live chat to guide you through possible printing options and the best materials for your unique boxes. Yes, there is no reason not to make us your reliable packaging partner. Contact us today to get our hassle-free shipping!


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