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Since you are here, you must be browsing the Internet to find sturdy and appealing packaging boxes to pack your products. offers exclusive rigid boxes to complement your products. Custom rigid boxes we offer will work in delivering a luxurious product display. These boxes come in handy when it comes to grabbing maximum customers’ attention. Just by viewing the beautiful outlook and elegant texture of the boxes, your customers will have no doubt to purchase from you. Eventually, you will get the chance to boost the amount of your product sales. Most importantly, you will be able to increase your customer base by displaying your products flawlessly in these boxes.

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Excited to Get Appealing Rigid Boxes? We Offer the Best Ones!

Perhaps you might hear about how rigid boxes are famous and preferred by many brands in different industries. Yet, did ever come across your mind about the reason behind it? Well, the main reason for the popularity of the boxes lies in the sturdy nature rigid material has. Additionally, rigid provides a smooth texture that makes your boxes look more lavish and classy. If you are excited to get these appealing boxes, offers the best packaging solutions.

We are an experienced packaging provider that has been catering to many brands. Our packaging specialists always pay more attention to creating the most impeccable boxes. So, whenever you need to get the right boxes for your valuable products, you can always rely on us.

Get Custom Rigid Boxes with Top-Notch Quality!

CustomProductBoxes is dedicated to assisting you in every stage of designing your custom rigid boxes. Our team of packaging designers is always ready to provide you with our best expertise. Our customization offer allows you to get the boxes with your styles and preferences. Better yet, you can even choose the thickness of rigid material you want to use for your bespoke boxes. Yet, regardless of how thick or thin your boxes will be, we only provide the boxes with top-notch quality.

So, what things can you customise?

  • The design
  • The size
  • The shape
  • The style
  • The colours
  • The printing style
  • The finishing options

Luxury Rigid Boxes for Your Exclusive Products

Having exclusive products of high quality doesn’t guarantee you will get high sales or a strong customer base. Instead, in this fierce market competition, of course, you need more than that. Now think about the last time you bought any product from a brand that you didn’t familiar with. What made you attracted to buy that product at first? Because it looked appealing, right? Well, the same case happens to your prospects that are not familiar with your products and brand.

Those who don’t even know your products or brand will take a look at the presentation displayed by your packaging boxes. When you have luxury rigid boxes wrapping your products, you can show those customers how exclusive your products are. The first impression will be the last impression? Yes, this is correct! So, why don’t you give the most unforgettable impression to those prospects and turn them into your potential customers?

Custom Rigid Boxes with Logo – The Ideal Boxes That Highlight Your Brand

In order to place your brand in the limelight, you need to be more creative and smart. Yet, as a brand owner, it is impossible for you to jump into the market and promote your brand directly. In its place, custom rigid boxes with logo will do the work for you perfectly.

At, we use the most innovative offset and digital printing techniques to print your boxes. Thus, you can easily expose your brand logo to a wider target audience by printing it on the boxes. As a result, you will make your products look more branded inside the boxes. You can even go with our embossing or debossing technique to make your brand logo pop up on your custom boxes. No matter how you want your boxes to be, our designers will be ready to assist you.

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes – The Best Tools to Drive Purchasing Decisions

The modern customers would always love to know more about any product before they finally decide to purchase it. In this scenario, you will need to be very smart in promoting and marketing your products. In order to drive their purchasing decisions, you should convince customers about your products. In this case, you need to provide all the essential details about your products for customers to know.

Custom printed rigid boxes will be your best tools to solve this issue. These boxes are presented by with flexibility. You can print the boxes with details you want your customers to get. This effort will eventually build customer trust and make them loyal to your brand at the same time. For example, you need to provide:

  • Product’s name and detailed descriptions
  • Instructions on how to use your products
  • Your company names and details such as email id, website link, etc.
  • Of course, your brand logo

We Provide Wonderful Add-Ons for Rigid Packaging Boxes

Yes, rigid packaging boxes are already appealing and elegant. But, if you wish to catch more eyes, you can eventually make your boxes look more compelling. After all, there are thousands of products with their packaging boxes in the market. Thus, you surely need to put more effort to your boxes different. Custom Product Boxes provide wonderful add-ons you can choose from to create a more amazing look on the boxes.

Our impressive collections of add-ons are ranging from:

  • Inserts
  • Dividers
  • Partitions
  • Matte or glossy laminations
  • UV Spot or Aqua Spot coating
  • Gold or silver foiling technique
  • And other options

Our Wholesale Rigid Boxes Are Inexpensive

When you hear the word ‘rigid’ you might be thinking that this material will make the boxes to be expensive. Well, this is not completely correct. When you have as your packaging partner, you don’t need to worry about getting highly expensive boxes. Our wholesale rigid boxes come at inexpensive prices.

By getting our customization offer, you will be able to decide the right size for the boxes. Most importantly, you will only pay for the amount of material used to produce your custom boxes. On top of that, we never ask for any extra charge or hidden fee. In the end, you will get exceptional quality rigid boxes at the most inexpensive prices. Well, wouldn’t that be great?

Get Professional Design Support for Your Rigid Packaging!

As we said, you will get the chance to design and customise your rigid packaging according to your needs and preferences. Thus, if you have any ideas in your mind, you can simply discuss them with our expert team to apply them to your packaging.

One of the beneficial things you will get from working together with us is our professional design support. CustomProductBoxes has a dedicated team that will be happy to provide all the designing suggestions and best recommendations you need. Do note that you will not need to pay any single penny for our design support. Yes, we provide the most professional design support for free!

Choose a Unique Style of Rigid Boxes Wholesale That Suits Your Needs

Indeed, your packaging boxes will be a reflection of your product quality and brand image. Thus, if you aim to win the market, our rigid boxes wholesale are what you need. At, you will find a variety of box styles and get the chance to decide the one that suits your needs.

Rigid boxes come with high flexibility. Thus, these boxes can be shaped easily to make the most unique style. So, how many box styles do we have in our catalogue? Many! You can choose to apply:

  • Window box style
  • Pillow box style
  • Pyramid box style
  • Sleeve box style
  • Hexagon box style
  • Tuck-end box style
  • And many other wonderful styles

The Benefits of Getting Rigid Packaging Boxes from CustomProductBoxes

CustomProductBoxes is a dedicated packaging provider that offers more than simple boxes. When you place your order for your boxes to us, we will strive to deliver only high-end results. Made of selected rigid packaging material, rigid packaging boxes from CustomProductBoxes come with various benefits. What are they?

  • High-quality boxes at affordable rates
  • Product protection guaranteed
  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Perfectly measured boxes according to product’s specifications
  • Innovative printing styles to make the boxes look more amazing

Outstanding Rigid Boxes at a Single Click!

All the packaging experts at take pride in providing our clients with our dedicated services. By working with us, you will get outstanding rigid boxes at a single click. Apart from our free design support and inexpensive prices, there are more reasons to choose us.

We provide:

  • A low minimum order quantity for our custom packaging boxes
  • A quality testing will be performed before sending the boxes
  • No hidden fee or any extra charge will be applied
  • Quick turnaround time within 5 days
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Free samples on request
  • Supportive customer representatives at 24/7
  • The best delivery service for free

Now, you can stop browsing the Internet as you have found the right packaging partner. is honored to provide you with impeccable rigid boxes that meet your expectations. Simply give us a call and get these boxes delivered to your doorstep!


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