Custom Cigar Boxes

Present how exclusive your cigar items are with branded Custom Cigar Boxes! offers the most reliable and appealing cigar boxes to convince those smokers. By having these boxes presenting your cigars, no customer can ever resist getting them.  Come with custom designs, these excellent boxes will be perfect to promote your brand reputation. Even better, it will be very easy for you to grab new prospects and turn them into your potential customers. We allow you to be creative and inventive with your custom boxes. You are free to apply your imaginative packaging ideas and make your boxes look authentic.

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Drive Customers with Attractive Custom Cigar Boxes

High-quality boxes reflect premium products, and there is no denying this. No matter how branded your cigar items are, without presenting them appealingly, your business is going backward. Getting the most attractive custom cigar boxes from with innovative designs will drive your customers to purchase only from your cigar brand. Why? Because these boxes represent the finest quality your cigars have.

Get Our Customization Offer for Your Premium Boxes!

The look of your cigar boxes defines the way customers perceive your items inside. It is quite simple actually. The premium look reflects premium items, while an unappealing look will only resemble bad-quality items. The professionals in CustomProductBoxes understand this very well. This is why we strive to assist you in designing the most impeccable boxes to present a captivating look.

With our customization offer, you can apply your creativity to:

  • The design you choose for your boxes
  • The unique shape and style of your boxes
  • The colour combinations
  • The printing style
  • The finishing options
  • And more

Stand Out with Custom Printing!

Searching for innovative custom printed cigar boxes to stand out in the market? You can get the best ones from us. With our modern offset and digital printing technologies, we will print the boxes that meet your needs. You will get custom printing to print the details such as:

  • Your cigar’s name
  • Cautions and warnings
  • Brand name and logo
  • Relevant images
  • And more

Choose Your Favourite Packaging Material

Using the right packaging material will make your boxes more splendid and durable. In fact, the material selected defines the durability of the boxes. At, we only use the packaging materials that are perfect to create impeccable boxes. Another great thing is, you can also choose the material that will suit your packaging needs.

  • Cardboard cigar boxes – Cardboard is the famous material due to its flexibility
  • Corrugated – A strong packaging material for safe shipping
  • Kraft – The right material to produce eco-friendly boxes
  • Rigid – The lavish packaging material to make elegant boxes

Pack Your Cigar Items Beautifully in Custom Made Cigar Boxes

Custom made cigar boxes from CustomProductBoxes not only will make your cigar items look ideal. More than that, these excellent boxes are perfect for brands that want to inspire customers with their unboxing videos. To appeal to more customers, you can eventually personalise your boxes as well.

All of our packaging experts will be more than happy to be with you in designing and personalising your boxes. You can pack your cigar items beautifully with a hangtag with your customer’s name on it. This will deliver a more memorable experience for your customers. Thus, they will not hesitate to record their unboxing videos.

Make Your Boxes Outstanding with Finishing Options

When it comes to decorating empty cigar boxes and making them look more authentic, uses high-tech equipment. In addition, we have a collection of finishing options to make your boxes look outstanding. You can go with our matte or glossy coating, gold or silver foiling, and other wonderful options.

Get the Sturdiest Boxes to Keep Your Cigar Items!

Perhaps you think that it is easy to get high-quality boxes for your cigar items. Many packaging providers you can easily find on the internet, right? On the other hand, the quality concern is something that you can never make any compromise with.

Custom cigar boxes wholesale from CustomProductBoxes will run through quality testing before we will deliver them to your doorstep. This way, you can expect to get the sturdiest boxes to keep your cigar items in the original shapes and tastes. Most importantly, you can get these exceptional boxes from us at the cheapest prices!

Customise Your Boxes with Our Design Support

At Custom Product Boxes, you will get more than what other packaging companies are offering. Our excellently crafted cigar boxes for sale are ideal not only to present your cigars. More than that, the boxes will work defensively when it comes to shipping your cigar items to customers with style.

Speaking of customising your boxes, we have the best experts. Our competent and reliable team will help you out to get the boxes that you have been dreaming of. To be noted, we will provide you with our design support without requiring any cost!

Highlight Your Cigar Brand with Our Custom Cigar Boxes

To make milestones and win the market, those old cigar boxes are less capable than innovatively designed custom boxes. CustomProductBoxes helps you to proudly present your cigar brand to the market.

Our custom cigar boxes will highlight your cigar in the ocean of famous cigar brands. Even better, the professional look of these boxes will make your items fly off the shelves within a brief time. Thus, these boxes are the only thing you need when it comes to promoting your cigar brand. Get these amazing boxes with our hassle-free shipping!


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