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Are you looking for your product packaging? Socks are important item in daily based using garments. Sock packaging and its branding coloration make it different rest of others. You need eye catching and attention customized logo for your packing. Material for packaging Kraft and corrugated with matte lamination, spot UV and foiling make it unique. Get in touch for more customizing your products.

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Our Packaging Materials Offer Long-Lasting

We provide packaging materials to assist you in creating strong packaging. Our packaging may ensure guarantee that your socks arrive at retail shelves intact from the factory floor.

Our vast choice of alternatives allows you to meet even the most particular needs. Using our packaging materials, customers may assemble the following sock packing boxes:

Socks in Rigid Packaging

If you prefer more robust and luxury sock packing, we can offer rigid packs. These boxes are constructed of thicker paperboard and can withstand greater wear and tear. It is ideal for high-end sock businesses who want to present their goods in the best possible light.

Sock Packaging in Kraft

If you are a company looking to switch to more environmentally friendly packaging, our Kraft design may benefit you. This package is constructed of recyclable paperboard and is readily customizable with your logo.

Corrugated Cardboard Packing

You won’t have to worry about sending your socks across long distances or overseas with our corrugated packaging product. This package is composed of durable material and has a fluted layer that helps keep the goods stable during delivery.

Cardboard Sock Packaging

This sort of packaging is ideal for firms seeking a more stylish and premium appearance. Our cardboard sock packaging material is composed of high-quality paper and can be personalized with your logo.

You can use this option to make bespoke sleeves that will entice buyers from afar. When you contact our customer service professionals, be sure to inquire about our different packing materials.

Customize Your Product with Eye-Catching Prints

Custom prints are one of the greatest possibilities for designing eye-catching custom packaging. With our custom printing, you can add your branding, phrase, or logo to your packaging in a way that will wow your customers.

You can also utilize bespoke prints to highlight current special deals or discounts. You may turn a plain box into a marketing powerhouse by employing the following printing techniques:

  • Digital Printing Method
  • Offset Printing Method

Digital Printing Method

Our digital printing approach is cost-effective for firms who need to produce a small quantity of attractive custom-printed sock packaging rapidly.

The digital printing technology prints images directly on the package material. This approach is ideal for small orders since it requires minimal setup or prep time.

Offset Printing Method

Offset printing is the best option for firms looking to place a big order of high-quality custom sock packaging sleeves. This is due to the high initial expenditure required for this strategy. When a result, as the number of orders grows, the cost per unit reduces.

We strongly suggest offset printing for the greatest print quality on your packing. We don’t limit ourselves to just one printing process. You may also choose one of our color models. This will help you to construct eye-catching sleeves’ packing that will entice prospective clients from afar.

Furthermore, our ideas may help you match your brand colors correctly, changing the packaging into an extension of your brand. The color models listed below may assist you in your attempt:

  • Color Model CMYK
  • Color Model in PMS

If you are confused about the mix of printing processes and color models, please contact our customer service professionals. They will certainly assist you.

Make Your Own Product with Add-Ons and Finishing Coats

Create a box for your socks that no one else has. Retail Packaging Boxes that look identical to everyone else’s is boring to customers. Adding finishing coatings and add-ons to your sock package is a terrific way to separate it from the competition. We provide the following finishing coats:

  • Matte
  • Varnish
  • Gloss
  • Soft-Touch

You may customize your packing by combining these finishing coatings with the following add-ons:

  • UV Window Patching in Spots
  • Hot Foiling Embossing Debossing

There is no need to panic; you are free to use as many extensions as you want. Common approaches to combine several modifications are as follows: Hot foiling and embossing

  • Matte Finishing & Window Patching
  • Soft-Touch Finishing and Debossing

Hot Foiling and Embossing

This blend is ideal for making polished, high-end unique one packaging.

Matte Finishing & Window Patching

This combination is ideal for companies looking to bring a feeling of simplicity to their bespoke sock packaging ideas while enhancing client trust.

Soft-Touch Finishing and Debossing

This combination is ideal for companies looking to add a touch of elegance and professionalism to their packs. When you contact them, inquire about mixing different decorations to create a packing design that is uniquely for your product.

This combination is great for creating beautiful and professional packs of your product.

A Reliable Source for Custom Sock Packaging Sleeves

We believe in productivity levels in growing by providing them with high-quality custom printed sock packaging at a competitive price. Our employees’ broad knowledge of the printing and custom sock packaging sleeve sectors gives you peace of mind that your order is in good hands.

All of our bespoke packaging is manufactured in-house, allowing us to maintain strict quality control standards. Furthermore, we provide a variety of finishing coatings and add-ons to help you develop a distinctive package design that fits your business.

In What Prepared Materials Can I Get a Custom Sock Sleeve?

Our coated SBS board, Kraft, Rigid, or Corrugated fiberboard is popular substrates for most usage, but we understand that each client has distinct requirements for their custom sock sleeves.

We are on top one company who know only by his product and material value.

Do You Provide Design Services for Businesses?

Our designers are highly skilled CAD engineers who have experience making complex box-shaped constructions. They don’t come up with graphical components, which is something a graphic designer should do properly. When possible, we may also assist with modifying already-completed designs.

Why Should You Spend Money on Custom Sock Packaging?

Many companies have already committed to completely personalizing their custom sock packaging. Here are a few reasons why investing in sock packing services is a good idea.

Check out this list to learn more about the benefits of buying socks in bulk with your own name on them: It establishes a distinct brand identity.

  • Improves overall customer experience
  • Increases the product’s perceived value
  • Is an effective marketing tool
  • Keeps the product safe from damage
  • Assists in sock organization

Do You Deliver to Other Countries Than United States?

No, our company delivers to USA. This is our company motto to cover only USA. Our first priority is to satisfy our customers by providing them premium and top class product throughout the region.

How Long Before I Receive My Specialty Box?

We work hard to ensure that your delivery times are among the shortest possible. As a result, our usual shipping time is 8 to 10 days. It implies you’ll receive your stuff in 8 to 10 days.

Furthermore, if you need your custom boxes order delivered quickly, you may obtain it in 6 to 8 days It’ll be a bit more money, but the shipping time for your boxes will be massively reduced.

Why Us?

Our sock packaging is manufactured in-house to ensure quality. We also provide finishing coats and add-ons to help you create a unique package design. We provide several color models so you can match your color scheme. Contact CustomProductBoxes if you have questions. They’ll gladly help. We value your packing help.


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