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Your product visibility is always being an essential factor when it comes to increasing the amount of your sales. Why? Because customers will always love to know about the products before purchasing them. This is where appealing window boxes from will be your ideal option. Come with high transparency, these boxes work well to improve your product visibility. By giving your customers a lovely sneak peek, you are eventually increasing the amount of sales you will get. Custom window boxes we offer come with unique designs and layouts. In addition, you can always design your boxes as to how you want them to be. In simple words, when it comes to increasing your sales through product display, these boxes are your perfect bet.

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Window Boxes – The Boxes to Let You Gain More Visibility

CustomProductBoxes provides the most innovatively designed window boxes to let you gain more visibility. Wrapping your valuable products in these boxes will make them look more beautiful and convincing. We have the most expert team of designers that will be pleased to assist you. You can get your boxes in any shape and size you want.

For some examples of our unique shapes, you can choose from:

  • Pillow shape
  • Hexagon shape
  • Tube shape
  • Pyramid shape
  • Sleeve shape
  • Window flower boxes
  • And more

Show How Qualified Your Products Are!

Our custom window boxes will be your best tool to grab more attention from every passing by. We all love to know the products inside the boxes before purchasing them. Thus, if you can show your customers how qualified your products are, you are just a step away from winning their hearts.

The window shapes on your boxes will display the actual look of your products inside. This will also bring your customers to trust your brand further. In the end, this effort will help you build a strong customer base.

The Best Boxes for Brand Promotion

Apart from giving the most memorable product display, custom printed window boxes are ideal for brand promotion. Now imagine a scenario if you have succeeded to grab maximum attention from your target customers. Wouldn’t it will be easier now for you to promote your brand?

At, we use the most innovative hardware to print your boxes in modern style. Our offset and digital printing techniques will let you print your company name, product description, brand logo, and other details you want on the boxes. Eventually, your brand name and logo on the boxes will make it easier for customers to be familiar with you. This way, these boxes are very helpful in promoting your brand.

Flexible Window Packaging Boxes to Fit Your Needs

Window packaging boxes are famous amongst many brands in the market for convincing reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that these boxes fit the business’ needs. The moment you work with our professional staff, you will only get the boxes to fit your needs.

For example, if you wish to pack tasty chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you can make the window shaped in a heart form. Yes, the packaging materials we use are very flexible and highly customizable. Hence, you can easily shape them into any custom form.

Get Cheap Wholesale Window Boxes Here!

By reading or listening the name, you might be thinking that wholesale window boxes will be very expensive. Notwithstanding if you think about the unique layout and die-cut window shape on the boxes. Well, this is not the case at all when you work with CustomProductBoxes.

We provide you with these high-quality boxes at the most reasonable rates. In fact, if you compare our prices to other packaging companies, you will find them to be much cheaper. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the quality. Our packaging experts take pride in delivering only the most impeccable custom boxes to our clients.

Choose Your Favourite Packaging Material!

Alright, we know that window packaging comes with a lovely appearance. But will it secure your products during transit? Yes, it will!

Our custom packaging boxes are made of selected materials. Even better, you have the freedom to choose the material you want for producing your product packaging, including:

  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Kraft

Apply Your Design to the Boxes With Our Free Design Assistance

Another great thing you will get from choosing our window boxes wholesale is that you can apply your favourite design. Yes, at, we have amazing design collections and you are free to choose. Or else, in case you wish to apply your own design ideas, our designers will be happy to work with you.

We will help you print your brand-oriented design on the boxes. We will combine your creative ideas with our best expertise and knowledge. This way, we can create the boxes you have been dreaming of. To be noted, you will get our design assistance without paying any cost!

More from CustomProductBoxes

Without any doubt, your product should be visible enough to grab attention and make milestones. So, if increasing product visibility is your main goal to improve sales, our custom window boxes will be your best tools. By placing your order now, you will get the best services of:

  • Free design support
  • Free sample
  • On-time delivery with quick turnaround time
  • Friendly customer support
  • Free shipping service

Look no further as you have found the right site to get the trendy window boxes to display your products. offers the best packaging and printing solutions that are exclusively made for your brand.


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