Tear Away Boxes

Display your products on the counter and grab the customer’s attention with our amazingly designed tear away boxes! Easily customizable to any size, style, or shape, these boxes will make your products more accessible to your customers and provide the best marketing support. When carefully customized, they offer an unbeatable sense of uniqueness and quality. With an innovative design layout, the boxes are extremely attractive and manageable. We let you customize them with multiple printing and decoration options to enhance the look. By availing of our professional free design support, you can create attention boxes easily for a touch of classy.

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What Is Tear Open Packaging?

Tear open packaging is constructed as normal packaging. However, it comes with a pre-perforated angle at 2 sides. This way, you can tear off the packaging to expose your products inside.

This style of packaging is popular in retail stores. This is a perfect style if you have products that need to be easy to access or display. You can also construct the bottom of this type of packaging in either Auto-lock Bottom or Snap Lock Bottom (also called 1-2-3 packaging style). The choice will depend on the weight of the products you want to display inside the box.

The top box panel can have a pre-scored line (grease line) or a special die-cut shape. This makes the box easy to be folded halfway backward to be a display panel.

The Various Usages of Our Exclusive Seal End with Tear Open

Our seal end with tear open boxes are valuable for various types of products. By having these attractively designed boxes, you can easily display products such as:

  • Retail products
  • Chocolate, candy bars, and confectionery products
  • Lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss products
  • Food products
  • Beauty products
  • Energy drink products
  • Soap products

Tell us your product specifications, and let our designers work with you to create the most presentable boxes for displaying your products!

Notable Features of Our Exceptional Seal End Boxes

We create and design only high-quality boxes for our respected clients. For our exceptional seal end boxes, we provide them with the most notable features. What are they?

Sturdy and Durable Packaging Materials

Of course, you should consider what material you want to produce your box. After all, your packaging box should be able to protect the product inside and not damage it and make it look messy. To deliver premium packaging, we use sturdy and durable materials that will hold your products most securely. Our material collections include:

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Eco-friendly Kraft paper
  • Tear Away Boxes

When choosing the material, do note that you need to carefully choose the one that preserves the quality of your products. If you need help choosing an ideal material, our packaging team is always ready to assist you.

Available Dimensions

The size of the tear away boxes is another important factor. Our packaging team will help you find the right size for the boxes to fit all your products inside. We will measure your products and create the perfect boxes for you. Yes, you can get any custom size you need here! By having the exactly measured boxes for displaying your products, you don’t need to worry about maintaining product safety.

Custom Printing and Designs

You can browse the design you want for your seal box. Our packaging specialists will be dedicated to helping you design the ideal box to display and complement your products. Better yet, we will assist you if you have unique and attractive design ideas to make your box stand out. Yes, there is no limit to your creativity.

Various Packaging Styles to Fit Your Needs

Do you want a suitable packaging style for hand-packing? Or do you want a box that is easy to assemble?

We manufacture the boxes in any style you choose, in a striking color scheme of your choice, to impress your customers and make your product stand out. With us, you can choose the style you want to make the box that fits your needs.

The Perfect Black Cardboard Display Boxes to Display Your Products

Quality is our top priority when it comes to black cardboard display boxes. We understand that the quality of each box will influence the display, feel, and perception of your brand image. This is why we provide high-quality, attractive, and durable boxes with precision die-cut.

Additionally, you can also get custom inserts to give the interior of your packaging a clean and professional look. These inserts allow you to keep multiple products upright. Eventually, they make it easier for customers to pick your products up very quickly and hassle-free.

Whether adding custom die-cut inserts or dividers to your boxes, we offer the best options to meet your expectations. Our dedicated packaging team will love to work with you all through the process to ensure you get your dream boxes.

We Offer Innovative Easy Open Packaging at Reasonable Prices!

Constructed from durable and biodegradable materials, our easy open packaging is perfect for protecting each product. Far better, this packaging will help you place multiple products exactly how you want them.

Do you want to provide informational points about your product to attract and convince a wider audience? No problem!

Our packaging designers have the best expertise in digital and offset printing technologies. We will print every detail you want on your packaging box.

You can simply brief us on whether you want to print:

  • Trendy images in bold and bright color combinations
  • Festive designs and specific branding theme
  • Products’ name and benefits
  • Brand name, logo, and motto
  • Other essential details

The best part? Our design and printing processes are completely hold in-house. This is how we provide unmatched efficiency and reliability. This allows us to offer reasonable pricing that fits your budget constraints. Plus, you can easily get the boxes in a low minimum order quantity. Well, isn’t that sound great?

Do I Have to Pay for Your Help with Box Designs?


Our qualified packaging experts will check and certify every aspect of your design for free before we will go to the production and printing. If we see any necessary changes, we will notify you immediately and recommend our professional suggestions, and this is too, free of cost.

Can I Get a Custom Size for the Open Seal Box?

Of course, you can.

We will be happy to quote you the exact size you need for your open seal box. You can simply provide the size and all the measurements you need in our quote form.

Will I Get Any Free Proof?

Yes, you will.

Before the production process, we will send you a 3D proof of the box design to get your approval. In this stage, you can confirm with us if you need any modifications or changes. If any changes are required, we will take care of the details for free until you feel it appropriate.

Can I Start Ordering Retail Packaging Boxes in Small Quantities?

Yes, of course, you can.

We have the flexibility of a low minimum order quantity. You can place your order for retail packaging boxes as low as 50 boxes with us. Feel free to get in touch with our customer support for further details!

How Can I Get the Boxes from Your Place?

No worries!

We are proud to providing our fast and hassle-free shipping services for our respected clients across the US and Canada. Provide us with your complete address, and just wait for us to deliver the boxes to your doorstep.

Get Top-Notch Quality Tear Away Boxes from Us!

We understand that you have spent millions of dollars to make your products a star in front of customers’ eyes. This is why you need captivating boxes to display your products on the counter beautifully, seamlessly, and convincingly.

At CustomProductBoxes, we offer top-notch quality tear away boxes in a variety of styles and sizes. By working together with us, you can be confident that your multiple products inside the boxes will look great and spectacular. Place your order now by contacting our customer support!


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