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Spark your event with our creative, colorful, and vibrant popcorn box! The quality of the packaging we offer to our clients is excellent. This amazingly designed box will undoubtedly make your popcorn more unique. We manufacture the box according to your expectations and requirements. We give you the freedom to customize the box as you want. Yes, you can enjoy freedom and peace of mind with our packaging consultant. Plus, you can place your order with us at a low minimum quantity order!

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Brand Your Popcorn with Our Trendy Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn is one of the favorite treats people of all ages and types love to have. Of course, everyone loves popcorn when watching their favorite sports game or movie in the arena or at the cinema. This is where popcorn boxes come as a simple and convenient transporter for your delightful popcorn.

With us, you can design and customize the boxes in many ways to make them trendy. You can even imprint images of famous celebrities or movies to attract more attention. The best part? We provide boxes that are slightly cheaper and readily available.

Need Small Popcorn Boxes? Get The Best Quality from Us!

Today everyone wants to receive their products in beautiful packaging. Additionally, some customers might demand specific sizes of popcorn to enjoy. In fact, some patrons don’t need a large box of popcorn. By customizing the boxes, you can generate more sales.

For those special customers, we can help you design small popcorn boxes. Yes, you can simply guide us by providing the following:

  • The exact sizes and dimensions you want to produce the boxes
  • The weight of popcorn you want to place inside the boxes
  • The packaging material you think will best suit your product’s needs

Our professional designers will help you through all the design stages. Thus, regarding the quality, there is nothing to be worried about!

We Offer a Unique Custom Popcorn Box to Help You Market Your Brand

Creating a unique custom popcorn box with your brand logo is what we do best. We have a price match guarantee that the box will help you stand out. After all, we know that products with unique designs sell quickly. To deliver a unique product presentation, you can brief us on how you want your box to be.

This includes the elements such as:

  • Your brand-specific design
  • The suitable and lively color combination you want to apply
  • The images to make your popcorn look more delightful
  • The printing style you need to captivate more customers
  • And so on

By having a customized box wrapping your delicious popcorn, the customers’ curiosity will encourage them to try your popcorn until they are satisfied. Assume that the popcorn taste and packaging are satisfactory to the customers; they will surely recommend your brand to others.

Choose from Our Beautiful Add-Ons and Coating for Your Pop Corn Box!

Now you can grab the attention of foodies and stand out from the competition with our beautification techniques. We allow you to add multiple add-ons and ornaments to your pop corn box. Our packaging team will work with you to design the most attractive box with multiple finishing materials.

Have a look at the coating options you can apply!

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Emboss
  • Deboss
  • UV spot
  • Gold or silver foiling

Simply contact our packaging specialists for more details.

High-Quality Material Options for Popcorn Packaging Box

We know that material selection plays an important role in packaging. This is why we use only high-quality material options to create your popcorn packaging box.

Check out the material options we provide, such as:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard

All the materials we use come with premium excellence and quality. Simply put, you will not see your customers get disappointed with your product display!

Get Food Packaging Boxes at Wholesale and Affordable Rates Here!

Some brands, unfortunately, still consider packaging as the last step. However, that is not the scenario. Smart brands always focus on reliable food packaging boxes to pack, preserve and present their delicious items. But what about the prices?

Well, by choosing us as your packaging partner, you can save a lot of money. Not only do we ensure these boxes can help you meet your packaging demand. Far better, we take great care of your business budget. This is the main reason we offer our finest quality boxes at wholesale and affordable rates. Well, isn’t that sound great?

The Benefits of Choosing Our Box Popcorn

You will find various benefits directly tied to our box popcorn. By choosing our top-notch quality boxes, you can get:

  • The best boxes to eliminate the risk of tearing
  • The freedom to design the perfect boxes according to your specifications
  • Ideal boxes for grabbing maximum customers’ attention
  • Environmentally boxes made of biodegradable material

As all of us know, our environment and the entire planet is in a terrible state today. Toxic and deadly waste has a dangerous impact on people’s well-being. As a result of this pollution and waste, the ozone layer is now being destroyed every day. In this regard, we believe that we should make every effort to keep the planet free of trash and waste. Under the current circumstances, we must do everything possible to keep our world free from pollution.

As a reputable packaging supplier, we use recyclable materials to make our custom boxes. This demonstrates our ability to produce personalized boxes without using hazardous and toxic materials in the manufacturing process. For this reason, we encourage and strongly encourage our customers to use environmentally friendly packaging for their products.

More Compelling Reasons to Choose Our Top-Notch Popcorn Box

We all know how popcorn has been a very popular snack for customers since years. Many customers take popcorn with them when watching their favorite movies. As they enjoy your delicious popcorn in box, you can surprise your customers by adding an element of wow to your packaging design. What we have to offer you is brand new and very attractive designs for popcorn box.

Let’s take a look at everything we have for sale.

Quality Assurance

We have computer-controlled automated and advanced printing equipment to manufacture boxes with excellence and design. Yes, we never negotiate the quality measure of our custom boxes. At the same time, we provide the boxes for our clients at the lowest prices possible. We support you with many dedicated facilities to properly customize your boxes.

Quick Turnaround Time and Fastest Delivery

Many famous brands prefer our packaging company for our quick turnaround time and fastest delivery. Quick turnaround time and fastest delivery are our core values. Our staff will always keep in mind that the task must be completed by the definite time.

Hassle-Free Delivery Service

Our hassle-free shipping solutions are available throughout Canada and the United States.

Professional and Free Design Support

Our free customization service allows our clients to enjoy template design options without setup fees. Better yet, you can get professional design support from our packaging specialists for free costs! You can simply let our designer team know about your product specifications and events.

Can You Make a Box for Popcorn with Red and Blue Colors?

Yes, of course.

Our designer team is capable of creating any type of design you want. In addition, we allow you to customize the box according to your design, artwork, and logo.

How Do I Know and Be Assured About the Final Product?

Our graphics designers will create a digital proof and send it to get your approval. With this proof, you can figure out what the actual box looks like before proceeding to print. Plus, you can also request a free sample of your box!

Will There Be Any Extra Cost for Your Design Support?

You should note that we do not and will not charge any extra costs or hidden fees. As we mentioned above, we provide our clients with professional design support for free costs.

What Is the Minimum Quantity Per Order?

The minimum quantity for ordering popcorn boxes is 50.

Do You Offer Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions?

Yes, we do.

You can rest assured that you will get biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging solutions from us.

Get in Touch with Us Today!

CustomProductBoxes is proud to help you design the perfect popcorn box to win the market easily and quickly. With the lowest prices and free shipping, we offer you the most impeccable box to win the market. So, what else are you looking for? You know that we are your best packaging partner to choose! Get in touch with our customer support today, or simply fill out the form to get a free quote now!


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