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A cake pop is a new trending type of cake baked in a lollipop shape. The cake comes in various different flavors with delicious toppings. Yes, this cake is mouthwatering. Yet, you will still need appealing cake pop boxes to display your cakes beautifully. We offer the most innovative and affordable custom boxes as complete packaging solutions for your tasty cake pops. Our boxes will let you capture the attention of the market customers for these delightful confectionery items.

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What Types of Boxes Do You Offer?

We offer high-quality pop up cake boxes to display your bakeries in a unique way that sets them apart from the competition. Our custom boxes can also be used to present your cakes as lovely gifts. When you work with us, you will get endless design possibilities to create the best boxes.

We know that cake pops are an energy-providing, nutritious, and lip-stirringly delicious healthy treat. However, to boost your sales, you need to present and preserve the cakes in the most appealing way possible. This is the main reason for us to offer our premium boxes in custom designs.

Do You Provide Cake Pop Packaging Boxes in Custom Designs?

Yes, we do.

When you order your cake pop packaging boxes, you can avail of our customization offer. Not only will you get the chance to choose the best one from our wide variety of design collections. Far better, with us, you can design the boxes in any shape, size, style, and color. Our packaging experts will work with you to design the boxes from your creative ideas and include all your unique brand themes.

You will be free to decide what you want to do for every single inch of your boxes, including:

  • Applying your brand’s unique design to create authentic boxes
  • Decide the box style that fits your packaging needs and product specifications
  • Choosing the color combinations that match your brand’s logo
  • Adding relevant images and lively graphics to complement your cake pops
  • Printing all the product details you want customers to know
  • Decorating your boxes with wonderful finishing options and add-ons

In simple words, you will be able to run your creativity by designing your cake pop boxes with us.

Should I Provide My Product Specifications for Individual Cake Pop Boxes?

Yes, we will need your product details to create perfect individual cake pop boxes to present your cake pops. Our main priority is guaranteeing our clients get high-end results that exceed their expectations. We do this to prevent any errors or mistakes when designing your custom boxes.

By providing us with your product specifications, you will help us to:

  • Measure the exact size to design protective boxes for your delicious cakes
  • Recommend the best shape and style for your boxes according to your cakes
  • Match the color combinations with the design and form of your cakes

You can simply get in touch with our customer support, and we will guide you on the details we need you to provide.

Do You Provide Wilton Cake Pop Boxes?

Whatever design and type of boxes you want, our packaging professionals will cover them for you. If you need Wilton cake pop boxes, you can simply brief us about all the specifications and requirements you have.

For the box styles, you can choose from our impressive collections such as:

  • Two-piece box style
  • Sleeve box style
  • Tuck-top box style
  • Display box style
  • And more other options

Will You Print My Clear Cake Pop Boxes with the Details I Want?

Yes, of course, we will.

We understand that you need exceptional boxes that will convince customers. Innovatively printed boxes will be the best way for you to do this. In addition, custom printed boxes will be the perfect way to give your brand a new standing in the bakery industry.

We use modern offset and digital printing machinery to print your clear cake pop boxes innovatively.

For the details, we will help you print any detail you want on the boxes, including:

  • The list of ingredients you used to bake your delicious cake pops
  • The calorie and nutritional information of your cake pops
  • The health benefits offered by your cake pops
  • The lively images to present your cakes appealingly
  • Complete contact details to make it easier for customers to reach your brand
  • Your brand name and a unique brand logo

For the color models, we use PMS and CMYK color models to create the best printing results for your cake pop boxes. By having the boxes in brand-themed colors, you can increase brand awareness of your cake pops easily. What’s more, the lovely appearance of the boxes will let you catch the attention of cake pop lovers everywhere.

Can You Design Cake Pop Display Boxes?

Yes, we can!

There is nothing difficult for us to design. Our packaging experts have qualified expertise and knowledge in the packaging industry. We are ready to assist you if you need cake pop display boxes to show off your delicious cakes.

Together, we can design the boxes that will help you take your brand to a new level. By printing your brand name and logo on the boxes, you can build a strong brand icon. Eventually, you can strengthen your brand identity.

We offer amazing finishing options to make your cake pop boxes look more splendid. You can choose from the options below!

The Embossing and Debossing Techniques

Applying the embossing or debossing technique to your brand logo will help you build a concise brand identity. In addition, these presentable boxes will let you attract your market customers better. Plus, your brand logo pop up on the boxes will make customers more familiar with your brand.

The Matte or Glossy Coating Option

Whether you want to make your cake pop boxes look shinier or softer, the matte or glossy coating option is ideal. Applying this coating option can draw in more attention and win the customers’ hearts easily.

The Silver or Gold Foiling Technique

Both silver and gold foiling techniques will make your boxes look more exclusive. These techniques add more appeal and lavishness to your boxes.

Spot UV

If you wish to shield your boxes and give them an elegant look, Spot UV is the one you need. This finishing option will provide your boxes with an extra layer of protection. Meanwhile, the effect of this technique will make your boxes look more exceptional and branded.

How Much Is the Cost of Your Design Support?

When you place your order at Custom Product Boxes for wholesale cake pop boxes, you will collaborate with our packaging experts. We will provide you with the best recommendations and suggestions for your boxes. From the design to the shape, the color to font style, we will support you in deciding.

Yes, you read it right! You will get the best design support from us at free cost! When providing our professional design support, we will not require you to pay any fee.

What Material Is Best for Wholesale Cake Pop Boxes?

We provide top-notch quality packaging materials to produce the right custom boxes to wrap your cake pops in the best way. The packaging material you should choose to produce wholesale cake pop boxes will depend on your packaging purpose. However, you will be free to choose the type of packaging material you want to use.

For example:


Cake pop boxes from cardboard will be perfect to present your cakes with your branding style. Cardboard is famous as the most customizable material in the packaging industry. When you choose this material, you will get the perfect boxes to present your cake pops delightfully.


Kraft will make your boxes to be environmentally friendly. The eco-friendly feature offered by this material makes it the ideal option for green packaging. Kraft will help you promote a sustainable brand image while keeping the environment safe.


This material will give unbeatable protection to keep your cake pops safe during the shipping journey. Using this packaging material lets you feel relaxed and assured that customers would receive your cakes in the original shapes and flavors.


Speaking of displaying your cake pops appealingly, rigid is your best option. This packaging material comes with high strength and attractiveness to make the most elegant pop up cake boxes. Using this material will enable you to show off your tasty cakes with a sense of luxury.

Thus, for the best material for your boxes, you can brief us on your packaging purposes, and we will recommend the most suitable material for you.

Do You Provide Eco-Friendly Cake Pop Boxes Bulk?

Yes, of course, we do.

All the packaging materials we use to produce cake pop boxes bulk come with the eco-friendly feature. In addition, we use high-raised ink that will not harm our environment. What’s more, by customizing your boxes, you can minimize the packaging waste as you will only use the amount of material required to produce your boxes.

Our highly customized eco-friendly boxes will ensure the safety of your tasty cake pops packed inside. At the same time, these splendid boxes will preserve their flavor for as long as possible. Most importantly, these boxes will also act as a promotional tool for your business and generate profits.

How Much Is the Price of Your Cake Pop Boxes Wholesale?

Whether you order cake pop boxes wholesale in a small quantity or in bulk, we will give you affordable prices for the boxes. However, you don’t need to worry about the quality. We confidently use some special strategies to reduce the overall production costs.

We take pride in providing only the finest quality custom boxes to our respected clients. Yes, we offer a low minimum order quantity to give you peace of mind when placing your order at our company. Speaking of getting premium boxes at a minimum budget, you will find us as the best packaging partner you can have!

What Makes Your Cake Pop Packaging Boxes Different?

As one of the leaders in packaging suppliers, we have built a reliable customer base through high-quality packaging solutions and expert service. We regularly train our staff and upgrade our equipment to ensure the latest packaging trends.

Our highly qualified team of packaging experts is always ready to solve all your concerns. You will get 100% accuracy that meets our high service standards when working with us. This superior quality allows us to meet the printing and die-cutting standards that our clients have come to expect. In simple words, to meet clients’ expectations, we further motivate ourselves to support our clients with amazing custom boxes at reasonable prices.

In addition to our outstanding cake pop packaging boxes, we also provide our clients with our best services, including:

  • Expert design support from our packaging specialists
  • A free sample to remove your doubt about the final results
  • Quick turnaround and on-time delivery to complete your boxes
  • Various easy and convenient payment methods for you to choose from
  • The best hassle-free shipping service to deliver your bespoke boxes

Simply put, with us, you will get more than what you expect to get from other packaging suppliers!

Get the Most Impeccable Cake Pop Boxes with a Single Click!

We are committed to providing our clients with impeccable cake pop boxes with a single click. You know that your delightful cakes deserve a wow product display. Accordingly, you know that your customers deserve a memorable shopping experience. Our exceptionally designed boxes will help you achieve all your business goals easily. So, no need to waste more time now. Contact us to place your order!


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