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Exclusive candles deserve to get exceptional candle boxes to preserve and present them beautifully. understands this very well. This is why we are dedicated to helping your candle brand stand out. We offer impeccable custom candle boxes that will reflect your brand identity at its peak. Having these amazing boxes wrapping your candles not only will help you to strive in this competitive market industry. Better than that, with these boxes in your hands, you can easily increase the sales of your lovely candles. Additionally, you can customise the boxes to deliver a better customer experience. At CustomProductBoxes, we provide the best boxes to help you rock the market!

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Durable Candle Boxes – The Best Boxes to Shield Your Candles

All the packaging experts in come with years of experience. With us, you will get the best candle boxes to shield your delicate candles. To meet your packaging necessities, we use the finest packaging materials ranging from:

  • Kraft paper – The natural and environmentally material to complement your candles
  • Cardboard paper – The flexible packaging material that makes perfect custom boxes
  • Rigid paper – The ideal packaging material to make lavish packaging boxes
  • Corrugated paper – The best option to make shipping boxes

Elegant Custom Candle Boxes with Flawless Designs

Without any doubt, the candle is one of the items that are hunted by many customers. This makes the competition in this market to be fierce. Thus, to turn those heads toward your candle items, you need to offer elegant custom candle boxes in flawless designs.

One best thing about working with is that you will get the chance to design your own boxes. The moment you place your order, you will be working with our packaging professionals. We have an impressive collection of flawless designs. In case you have your own imaginative ideas, simply let us know and we will be pleased to assist you.

We Offer Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale with Eye-Catchy Styles!

The way you pack and present your items influences a lot. Yes, we know that candles are loved by many customers. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you can easily present them in ready-made, unappealing boxes. Or else, have you ever seen any candle without product packaging? If you have, did it attract you?

You need to think from your customers’ point of view when displaying your candles. For this, you can choose boxes with unique styles. Well, you can be relaxed as we provide luxury candle boxes wholesale with eye-catchy styles. With us, you are free to choose the box style you want. Eventually, you can get the best ones according to your needs and preferences. Our collections are ranging from:

  • Window box style
  • Pillow box style
  • 2-piece candle boxes
  • Tuck-end box style
  • Votive candle boxes
  • Taper candle boxes
  • Cube box style
  • Pyramid box style
  • And more wonderful options

Personalise Your Candle Packaging Boxes with Us!

Drawing the customers’ attention can be a challenging task to do, especially if you are a new brand owner. In this case, you really need to think out of the box. When it comes to attracting customers, you need to consider them. In fact, you should try to stand in their shoes. Yes, you always need to think about what they want to see and what they want to get from your candle items. This way, you can personalise your packaging boxes that meet their expectations.

When you work with qualified graphic designers at CustomProductBoxes, personalising your candle packaging boxes will be easier. You can simply brief us on the requirements and we will cover all for you. In addition, we will give expert suggestions and recommendations for you to personalise your boxes. The cool thing is, you will get our design assistance without paying any single penny! Well…

Need Lovely Candle Gift Boxes? We Have the Most Splendid Ones!

We know that candles today turn out to be more than simple items for lighting purposes. These days, people use candle items to make their rooms or houses look more beautiful. This factor makes candles to be perfect as gift items. Yet, some customers don’t like the fact that they need to wrap these items in beautiful gift packaging. In fact, some of those customers might have no time to wrap their gifts at all.

Well, you can eventually take advantage of this situation. What about designing lovely candle gift boxes? provides you with the most splendid boxes to present your candles as gifts. These enchanting boxes will grab attention within no time. To make the boxes look more stunning, you can polish them with:

  • Glossy lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Gold foiling
  • Silver foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing or debossing technique
  • And more other choices

Get Candle Gift Boxes Wholesale at a Low Minimum Order Quantity!

When ordering your candle gift boxes wholesale at CustomProductBoxes, you don’t need to worry about the number of boxes you need to order. We provide the most outstanding custom packaging boxes with a low minimum order quantity. With us, you can even get as low as 50 quantities of boxes. However, if you wish to get the boxes in bulk, we will get you covered!

Cheap Candle Packaging Boxes Wholesale at Customproductboxes

The budget you need to spend for your packaging boxes is nothing to worry about when you have CustomProductBoxes as your partner. All our custom boxes are not only good in quality. Better than that, you will get the cheapest prices for candle packaging boxes wholesale with us. The complete customization options we offer enable you to decide everything from the sizes, shapes, materials, colours, and more. This way, you can decide the number of packaging materials you need. As a result, you will get budget-friendly boxes that meet your specifications. Well, what can be better than this?

Offer a Memorable Customer Experience with Presentable Wholesale Candle Boxes

The experience your customers get from purchasing your candles is important. We know how the first impression will be the last impression – good or bad. In this context, if you wish to build a strong customer base, you need to offer them a memorable experience when they purchase from your brand.

Fortunately, you can do this easily by wrapping your elegant candles in presentable wholesale candle boxes. To make them more dazzling, you can decorate your boxes with fancy ribbons, stylish bows, or other add-ons. What’s more, if you want to pack multiple candles in a single box, you can add inner packaging to protect your candles further such as:

  • Inserts
  • Dividers
  • Partitions

Candle Boxes Wholesale with Accurate Size

Have you ever ordered a small candle item and received it packed in a huge box? Well, this is sure cannot be a good impression at all. Now imagine if your customers will get the same experience. Regret to say that your candle brand might be getting negative feedback. In simple words, you need the right box for each candle you offer to customers.

Designing and getting the boxes that perfectly fit your items inside is nothing difficult for our team of competent designers. Simply brief us regarding your product specifications and we will design the accurately sized candle boxes wholesale for you.

Custom Candle Boxes – A Cost-Effective Advertising Tool

For those famous brands, promoting their candles with expensive commercial advertisements might not be a burden at all. But how about the new startups? Or maybe you have a limited budget, then how can you possibly promote your candle items and brand?

This is where you can always count on custom 2 piece candle boxes. When you design your bespoke boxes with us, you can apply your branding elements to the boxes. By doing this, you can easily turn these boxes to be the most cost-effective advertising tool you can ever get. Better yet, these boxes will not cost you a huge budget as those commercial advertisements do. With the latest digital and offset printing hardware, we allow you to print your boxes with:

  • Product description
  • Company name and details
  • Brand logo
  • Brand message
  • And other details

More Reasons to Choose High-Quality Candle Boxes from CustomProductBoxes

When it comes to getting high-quality candle boxes, CustomProductBoxes will be your one and best choice. We provide our clients with premium boxes that you can never find from other packaging companies. Placing your order at means that you will get:

  • Premium custom boxes at a low minimum order quantity
  • Professional design support for free
  • No hidden charges or fee
  • Free sample of your boxes
  • Free shipping service
  • Supportive customer representatives

Always feel free to contact us. Our customer support are available and will help you place your order. Then, you just need to sit and relax as we will deliver your bespoke candle boxes to your doorstep.


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