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Are you planning to sell toy products such as Barbie dolls? If you are, then you know that it will be quite challenging. Considering the tough market competition, you have to face out there, you need to offer something different. Your Barbie doll toys can look more unique if you present them in this beautiful Barbie doll box. With this box in your hands, you can easily compete and win the market!

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Do You Offer Barbie Boxes in Custom Designs?

Yes, we do.

We are dedicated to make sure that you will get the boxes that meet your all expectations. We have a huge collection of wonderful designs you can choose from. However, if you wish to create your Barbie boxes with your own creativity, we will be happy to assist you.

By availing of our complete customization options offer, you will be free to decide:

  • The pattern you want to apply according to your preferences
  • The color combination you choose for your boxes
  • The images and relevant graphics you want to present on your boxes
  • The printing style
  • The finishing option you think best suits your needs

Our team of designers will help you design your bespoke boxes no matter how high your imagination is. Nothing is difficult for our packaging professionals to create.

How Much Is the Price of Your Barbie Box for Sale?

We offer Barbie box for sale with the finest quality measurement. If you wish to deliver your products to customers or retail stores, we assure you that our custom boxes have high durability for maximum product protection. You will not have to worry about the box getting easily torn apart or damaged.

Speaking of the price, you have nothing to worry about when you work with us. Our Barbie doll box comes at the most reasonable prices that will fit your budget. You will even find our price range to be lower than other packaging suppliers in the packaging industry. So, now you can release your worries and contact us for more details!

How Many Box Styles Do You Provide? Can I Request a Custom Box Style for My Barbie Doll Toys?

At Custom Product Boxes, we have professional staff with high dedication and expertise. We provide various types of box styles to our respected clients. However, you can always choose the best style according to your needs.

Our box styles range from:

  • Barbie doll box photoshoot
  • Barbie doll box photo prop
  • Barbie doll box costume
  • Barbie kid doll box
  • And many other lovely styles

If you wish to get a custom box style, you can simply discuss it with our packaging designers. Simply brief us on all your requirements and specifications. Then, you can work together with us to create the packaging box you want.

What About the Product Safety of My Barbie Dolls in Boxes?

We have years of experience and the best knowledge in modern packaging market industry. To protect your Barbie dolls in boxes, we use only selected packaging materials with premium quality. Depending on your packaging needs, you can decide the material you want to use to produce your boxes.

You can go with:

  • Cardboard – Famous for its customizability and high flexibility features
  • Paperboard – Popular for its lightweight and adjustability features
  • Kraft – Known for its eco-friendly and adaptability features
  • Corrugated – Prominent for its high durability and sturdy features
  • Rigid – Well-known for its luxurious and elegant features

Simply let us know your packaging purposes, and we will recommend the right packaging material for you.

What Types of Printing Techniques Do You Use for the Boxes?

We use modern digital and offset printing techniques. We will assist you to print all the product details on your Barbie doll storage box. Our innovative techniques will result in high-quality printed boxes to sell your products and promote your brand.

You can request us to print everything, including:

  • Product’s name and details
  • Lovely images and relevant graphics
  • Complete contact details

Providing all the details on your box makes it easier for customers to reach you and make their future purchases.

What Finishing Options Do You Provide?

To make your Barbie doll products look more convincing to customers, you will want your Barbie doll storage box to look attractive. To help you out in this matter, we provide various finishing options to draw maximum attention to your products.

A Matte Coating

The matte coating is your best choice if you want to create a soft and decent look for your custom box. This finishing option will make your barbie doll box look elusive in customers’ eyes.

A Gloss Coating

The glossy coating is what you are looking for in terms of presenting your Barbie dolls with a trendy ambiance. This technique will make your box look shinier and sparkling to customers’ eyes. As we know that your target customers in this market are children, you will surely appeal to them with a box that looks bright and bold.

A Silver or Gold Hot Foiling

A silver or gold foiling will be the ideal choice if you wish to make your bespoke box look more exclusive and luxurious. Some adult customers also love to collect Barbie dolls. You can grab their attention by polishing your box with these coating options.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a perfect option if you want a long-lasting Barbie doll box. This finishing option will shield your box properly from any environmental factors. Thus, your Barbie dolls will remain in the best shapes and conditions even during a harsh shipping journey.

Speaking about how to wrap a Barbie doll box beautifully, you can also apply add-ons such as:

  • A transparent window to let customers see through
  • A lovely ribbon ties all around the box
  • Glitters to make the box look more sparkling
  • And other add-ons you want to apply

How Many Quantities Do I Have to Place My Order?

You can easily and comfortably place your order at a low minimum order quantity. We will not require any extra charge or hidden fee to pack and present your Barbie doll in a box. Whether you need the box in a small quantity or a bulk one, we will get you covered! By partnering with us, you will not have to worry as we provide all our custom boxes with premium quality. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you will order a small or huge quantity, rest assured that you will get only top-notch custom boxes from us!

What About the Shipping Fee?

We will be happy to deliver your retail packaging boxes to your front door. As we mentioned above, you will work together with our experts in all the design stages. We will make our best effort to design and complete your custom boxes before the agreed date. Then, we will deliver the boxes to you without any fee. Yes, you read it right! You can just sit and relax as we deliver your boxes to your place with our hassle-free shipping service!

Do You Provide a Free Sample?

Yes, of course, we do.

Even if you will work side by side with us, we will try our best to meet all your expectations. If you want to know how your Barbie doll box will be at the final results, you can contact us and request a free sample.

More Reasons to Get an Exclusive Barbie Doll Box from Us!

We always aim to make things easier for our respected clients. When you place your order to us for an exclusive Barbie doll box, we will give you more than you expected before. By making us your packaging partner, you will get tremendous offers you would not want to skip on!

Free Design Support from Our Professional Packaging Designers

In addition to our complete customization offer, you will get free design support from our professional packaging designers. This way, we can avoid any mistakes or errors when it comes to designing impeccable boxes. We will also run quality testing to ensure that your boxes will be of outstanding quality.

Quick Turnaround Time

We are committed to catering to our respected clients by giving our best effort. We make a high standard in delivering your Barbie boxes in the quickest turnaround time. When working with us, you don’t have to worry about a tight deadline to launching your Barbie dolls to the market.

Quality Guaranteed

Working with us means you will get quality guaranteed for every single Barbie box for sale you order. We use only high-tech equipment and innovative printing machinery to produce our custom boxes. Thus, you can leave all doubts regarding the quality concerns.

So, don’t you think that it is time to highlight your Barbie dolls in the market and sell them more? If you do think so, simply contact us and get this amazing Barbie doll box!


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