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Are you browsing for the best boxes for your wig products? Indeed, you need to consider many things when it comes to designing your bespoke wig boxes. But you have nothing to worry about when you work together with our packaging professionals! We provide the most attractive boxes to display your trendy products with your branding style!

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Sell Your Products More with Custom Wig Boxes!

Wig products end up being the best-sellers in the fashion market industry. Today, we can see many people wearing wigs. Yes, these products are there not only for models or celebrities now.

In these modern days, people from all societies love to wear wig products. Some customers wear wigs to build their confidence in special events. Some others wear wigs to add more beauty to their appearance. Whatever the reason is, those customers will not simply purchase any wig they see on the shelf. Instead, they will first pay attention to the product presentation.

Designing your custom wig boxes with us will give you a chance to sell more of your products. How?

Because we offer our clients the best opportunity to:

  • Express your branding style and creative concepts through your boxes
  • Design the accurately measured boxes according to your products
  • Apply the design you choose or make your own design ideas

By designing your bespoke boxes, you are the one who can decide how to present your products to those customers.

Your Exclusive Wigs Deserve Exceptional Wig Packaging Boxes

You will need exceptional wig packaging boxes to show off how exclusive your wig products are. The reason is quite obvious here. A good presentation reflects branded products; a bad presentation reflects poor-quality products. These are the perceptions of your customers when they see any type of product.

So, if you think that your exclusive wigs deserve exceptional wig packaging boxes, you are on the right site!

Our company has years of experience and best expertise in the packaging industry. We have been catering to many clients from all business sizes. Thus, no matter what types of packaging boxes you need for your products, you can find them here. Or else, if you wish to design the boxes with your brand-oriented ideas, we are ready to assist you at every stage!

Our talented packaging designers will recommend you with the most creative wig packaging ideas. We will work with you in every stage of designing your outstanding packaging!

Get Top-Notch Cosmetic Packaging Boxes at Reasonable Prices from Us!

If you need top-notch cosmetic packaging boxes to wrap your products, you can get them at reasonable prices from us. Yes, you read it right! Getting the most outstanding boxes for your wig products doesn’t require you to spend a lot. Instead, you can be wiser in choosing the right packaging supplier to work with.

The moment you place your order with us, you will get the best boxes, more than you have expected before. We have a dedicated staff that will be proud to provide you with:

  • Premium custom boxes with quality guaranteed
  • Various design collections to choose from, or make your own design instead
  • The best design support from our packaging team without any cost
  • A number of lovely finishing effects to make your boxes captivating
  • Free samples on request to show how your final products will be

We never leave any disappointment for our clients when they work with us. Instead, we assure them that they will get only high-end results when they work with us.

What Material Should I Choose for My Wig Packaging?

We provide our clients with various material options to design their custom packaging. You can choose the most suitable material depending on your packaging needs. Plus, you can also choose the thickness you want.

You can go with:

  • Cardboard – The most highly customizable packaging material to produce custom packaging
  • Paperboard – The most lightweight material to reduce your production and shipping costs
  • Corrugated – The sturdiest and ideal packaging material to ship your products safely
  • Kraft – The perfect material if you aim to green packaging
  • Rigid – The luxurious packaging material to make your products look more exclusive and branded

No matter what type of packaging material you choose, you can be assured that your wig packaging will be of the finest quality. To relieve your worries, do note that your bespoke packaging will run through quality testing to ensure liability.

How Many Packaging Styles Do You Have for Wig Box Packaging?


Our expert packaging designers are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. Additionally, we always follow the ongoing market trends in producing our custom packaging boxes. We understand that wig box packaging is supposed to be trendy and fashionable at the same time. For this, we provide various packaging styles you are free to choose from.

Some of the most popular packaging styles our clients love from our collections are:

  • A transparent window packaging style
  • A modern drawer packaging style
  • An innovative pillow packaging style
  • A beautiful sleeve packaging style
  • A unique two-piece packaging style
  • And many more options

You can simply browse our catalog to find the packaging style you want for your wig boxes. Even better, if you wish to create the boxes with your own custom design, you can simply brief us on the requirements!

Do You Need My Product Specifications to Create the Boxes?

Yes, of course, we do.

To ensure that your products will be in the right hands, we need the detailed specifications of your products. Your product details will help us design the perfect boxes for your wigs. In addition, with the accurately measured boxes, you can be relaxed as your products will be safe and sound in the boxes during transit.

So, the details you should provide us with are:

  • The measurements of your wig product, such as the length and width
  • Your product’s volume
  • The special characteristics of your wig product (if any)

By delivering your beautiful wig products to customers with the perfect boxes, not only will you be proud of your products. Better than that, those customers will see how well you take great care of your products and send them in the best way. As a result, they will perceive your fashion brand as a reliable and trustworthy one.

How Many Quantities Do I Have to Place for Ordering Your Wig Boxes Wholesale?

You can get outstanding quality wig boxes wholesale at a low minimum order quantity from us. With us, you can easily order your bespoke boxes in as low as 50 quantities. Yes, we don’t want to burden you with a big quantity. You can simply discuss with our representatives regarding the quantity you need for your boxes. We will answer all your inquiries and help you get the boxes you are dreaming of.

Even if you will order your boxes in a small quantity, you don’t need to worry about the quality. As we mentioned above, all our custom boxes will go through the quality testing process. Plus, you can always check out how the final products will be by requesting a free sample!

How Long Do You Need to Design and Deliver My Custom Wig Boxes?

Our qualified designers will work hard to meet the deadline you assigned us. Remember that you will work side by side with us to design your exceptional boxes. Thus, you can supervise the work and let us know if you want any modifications to the boxes. We will make any modifications before the printing process starts.

For normal orders, we make the best effort to design and complete your custom wig boxes within 7 to 10 working days. If you wish to get a rush order, you can simply talk with our customer support so we can quote the price. Regarding payment, we provide various payment methods for our clients. Of course, you can choose the most convenient method. When you make us as your packaging partner, you have nothing to be concerned about!

We Deliver the Best Wig Boxes to Your Doorstep with Free Shipping!

Speaking of getting the most incredible boxes for your wig products at a single click, we are your best packaging partner. Our dedicated team always puts client satisfaction as the main priority to achieve. We make it easier for you to design and customize your boxes with your creative ideas. Once we have completed designing your boxes, you don’t need to worry about getting them from our warehouse. Instead, we will be happy to deliver your custom boxes to your doorstep with our hassle-free shipping! Yes, as we said, with us, you have nothing to worry about at all!

Yes, CustomProductBoxes is the perfect answer if you wish to get high-quality wig boxes at the most affordable rate that fits your budget. So, now you can stop browsing as you are on the right site. What you need to do is contact us and start designing your boxes! Give us a call, send an email, or you can simply talk with our customer representative through our live chat!


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