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Are you searching for a remarkable box to present your exclusive shot glasses? You are on the right site then. We provide the most incredibly designed shot glass box to help you magnetize more customers. The moment customers see how you pack your shot glasses, they will have no other consideration. They will simply choose your products and bring them home!

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Do You Provide Custom Shot Glass Boxes?

Yes, we do.

We perfectly understand that you want to make your products the most unique ones in customers’ eyes. This is the main reason why we provide these wonderful custom shot glass boxes in custom designs. Our complete customization offer allows you to create and design the boxes with your own imaginative ideas. Why?

Because we know that the way you pack and present your products to customers reflects your brand image. If you want those customers to see your brand as reliable, then you need to present your products exclusively. After all, no customer will be attracted when they see unappealing packaging, no matter how excellent the quality of your products is. With us, you can be assured that you will only get the best quality boxes to pack and present your shot glasses with pride.

Do You Also Provide Shot Glass Gift Boxes?

Yes, of course, we do.

We know that some people present shot glasses as professional or beautiful gifts to their friends and family members. As a brand owner, you can take advantage of this by presenting your shot glasses in beautiful shot glass gift boxes. The best part is that you will love is that you can design the boxes as unique as you can. Yes, our packaging experts will be ready and happy to assist you in all the designing stages.

To turn the boxes into real gifts, we have amazing coating options and add-ons to apply. Of course, you will be free to decide your favorite one to apply to your custom boxes.

For coating options, we provide options, including:

  • A glossy coating – Ideal to make your boxes look brighter and catch more eyes
  • A matte coating – Perfect to make your boxes look elegant with a subtle appearance
  • A silver or gold hot stamping – The best options to make your boxes look more exclusive to convince customers
  • A UV Spot – Fabulous to shield your boxes and make them last longer

For add-ons, we provide various options, including:

  • Cute hangtags to drive more customers to purchase your products
  • Lovely ties and ribbons to make your boxes look more captivating
  • Glitters to make your boxes sparkle and draw more attention
  • Gift cards to make your boxes real gifts

What about your brand logo?

We have the embossing and debossing techniques to highlight your brand logo on a shot glass box. Both techniques will make your logo more visible and pop up on the box. This way, every single person who sees your logo will be familiar with your business.

What If I Have My Own Design to Create My Shot Glass Boxes?

We have a qualified team of packaging professionals to design your boxes appealingly. We provide an impressive collection of designs you will be free to choose from. However, if you wish to apply your own design to your shot glass boxes, we will be happy to work together with you.

You can simply brief us about the design ideas you have in your mind. We provide our clients with the most professional design support without requiring any fee. Yes, you read it right! The design support you will get from us will be free of cost! Well, isn’t that sound great?

Which Part of the Shot Glass Packaging Box Will Be Free for Me to Customize?

Every part.

Our full customization options mean you will be free to apply your design on your shot glass packaging box. By working with us, every single inch of the box is yours to decide. Thus, you can run your creativity freely and make the box your brand ambassador.

What can you do to the box?

  • Your branding theme will make the box reflect your brand identity perfectly
  • Matching the color of your packaging with the color of your brand logo will work well to captivate customers
  • Applying relevant images and lively graphics will be a smart move to present a beautiful visualization
  • Providing your brand logo and slogan appealingly will reflect you as an exclusive brand
  • Write down your product details, and your contact details will help customers to reach you easily

In simple words, there will be no limit in exploring and expressing your creativity when you work with us. Our experts will give the best recommendations and work side by side with you!

How Many Materials Do You Use to Produce Retail Packaging Boxes?

Another great offer you will get from working with us is the freedom to choose the suitable packaging material you want to use in producing your boxes. Our packaging designers only use the most selected packaging materials to produce high-quality retail packaging boxes.

Our collections included:


Perhaps you know this material as the most budget-friendly among other packaging materials available on the market. Paperboard comes with its lightweight feature. This feature helps a lot in reducing the overall production and shipping costs.


Cardboard comes with a highly flexible feature. This flexibility feature makes it easy for you to customize it and make it a unique packaging box. Every brand that uses custom packaging boxes knows this material. No matter what type of product packaging you need, the cardboard will be the ideal option.


For brands that aim to green packaging, Kraft is the best choice. This packaging material has the eco-friendliest feature that makes it a favorite. Additionally, today Kraft can be crafted into colorful packaging. Thus, you will not only get one brown-colored option for your shot glass box.


Corrugated is still leading for the best shipping option. This packaging material is highly durable and perfect for shipping even fragile products such as shot glasses. By creating your boxes from corrugated, you can rest assured your products will arrive at customers’ doorstep in their best conditions.


Speaking of presenting your shot glasses in the most elegant way possible, rigid is the material you should choose. This material creates a sleek texture and luxurious appearance for your boxes. Using this material will make it easy for you to grab maximum attention from your target audience.

Nothing is difficult for our packaging experts. As an experienced packaging supplier, we make it easier for our respected clients to design their packaging boxes with their own creativity. Whatever ideas you have in your mind, we will help you realize them on your custom boxes.

How About the Style for My Shot Glass Favor Box?

We provide custom boxes with various styles you can choose from. To make your shot glass favor box look more dazzling, you can check out our catalogs for the style options.

Some popular packaging styles you can choose are such as:

  • Reverse tuck style
  • Sleeve & Tray style
  • Gable box style
  • Pop display style
  • Shadowbox shot glass display
  • Seal end style
  • Window box style

And many trendy packaging styles

Or else, if you wish to make your boxes look more unique, you can apply a custom style that you like.

Can I Personalize My Shot Glass Gift Box?

Yes, of course, you can.

We know that everyone loves to get a product that is exceptionally designed for them. Your can personalize your shot glass gift box to build a strong customer base. They can add your personal touch to the box and make customers happier when they open the box.

You can do this by:

  • Giving a gift card or greeting card inside the box made especially for your customers
  • Writing and providing a special ‘thank you note to value your customers
  • Provide your slogan and write it on the inside part of your box

By personalizing your box, you can make customers smile when they open it. Well, who knows? The small gestures can eventually drive your customers to record their unboxing video and share it on their social media. Yes, more prospects to grab, more sales to expect!

What About the Price of Your Custom Glass Shot Boxes? Are They Affordable?

You can always count on us when it comes to getting premium custom glass shot boxes that meet your needs. We provide impeccable boxes of top-notch quality. But this doesn’t mean that our boxes come at high prices. Instead, we offer these amazing boxes along with complete customization options at the most affordable prices.

By working with us, you will only get top-notch quality boxes without exceeding your spending budget. Speaking of getting the best boxes at the lowest cost, we are the packaging partner you have been searching for!

How Many Quantities Should I Order for Your Shot Glass Packaging Box?

We do every transaction transparently with our beloved clients. Be assured that we will never ask for any additional or hidden fee from you.  Place your order, you can be relaxed as we have a low minimum order quantity for shot glass packaging box.

To get lower rates, you can order your box in bulk quantities be noted, no matter how many quantities you will order, you will get your custom boxes of the finest quality from us. Yes, there is nothing to worry about when you decide to work with us! Yes, get more details by contacting our customer support now!

Will I Get My Shot Glass Box Delivered to My Place?

Of course, you will.

In addition to our free design support, we also provide the most convenient and hassle-free shipping for our respected clients. We will do our best to design and complete your shot glass box before the time you assigned us. Then, you can just sit down and relax as we deliver your custom boxes to your front door! Of course, without any fee!

Get a Free Sample of Your Shot Glass Gift Boxes from Us Easily!

All of us is dedicated to building a strong relationship with our clients based on trust and dignity. We are committed to make our best effort in providing our clients with high-end results. Your shot gloss gift boxes will go through quality testing to ensure their durability and measure their quality. If you still have doubt, you can simply request a free sample, we will be happy to provide you.

Place Your Order and Boost Your Sales with Our Exclusive Shot Glass Box!

At Custom Product Boxes, we take pride in dedicating our knowledge and expertise to creating the best custom boxes for our clients. By designing your shot glass box with our experts, you can easily win customers’ hearts and boost your sales. So, yes, it is not a time to look for other options. Simply place your order and get the most exceptionally designed boxes to display your shot glasses with your branding style!


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