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The way you present and deliver your food item is just as important as its taste and quality. Speaking of noodles, we know that many people from all ages love to have them. Yet, to grab more sales, you need the most outstanding noodle boxes from us. We assure you to get only the most impeccable boxes to pack, present, and deliver your delicious noodles perfectly.

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What Types of Boxes of Noodles Do You Offer?

Our company works passionately to provide you with the best boxes of noodles to highlight your food items. These durable boxes will protect your noodles and preserve their quality. We offer the best boxes that keep your noodles fresh and hygienic.

We provide a variety of designs and styles you can choose from. With us, you can get the perfect boxes according to your desired size, style, colors, and of course, design. These excellently designed boxes will help you market your noodles extendedly.

Do You Provide Chinese Noodle Boxes?

Yes, we do.

We provide premium quality custom boxes to present your delicious noodles to the market. Even better, you can make these splendid Chinese noodle boxes as an efficient marketing tool to promote your business. Now you can pack your noodles and make your brand name in the market.

You can also print unique patterns and designs to customize your boxes. When you work with us, you will get:

  • Personalized boxes that deliver an attractive look
  • Custom boxes as a great way to present your tasty noodles
  • Exclusive boxes to show that you are providing hygienic and fresh food

Do You Provide Custom Printing for Custom Food Boxes?

We use innovative digital and offset printing hardware to provide you with custom printing for custom food boxes. Whatever you need to print on the boxes, we will get it cover! You can print:

  • Product name and its weight
  • The list of ingredients you used to make your delightful items
  • Calories and nutritional information of your food items
  • Company’s contact information
  • Other essential details you want your customers to know about your items

By printing your noodle boxes, you can leave an unforgettable impressive impression on your customers. In fact, we can say that these boxes will be the easiest way to write details about your food items. Another great thing is that you can also print your brand logo and company name on the boxes with pride.

What About the Price of Your Food Packaging Boxes? Will It Be Expensive?

At, we supply food packaging boxes at wholesale prices. Yes, you will get the boxes in custom designs and styles at the lowest prices from us. In addition, we provide a low minimum order quantity to give you confidence in placing your order. Thus, you can get peace of mind when ordering your custom boxes. Most importantly, we will never ask for any additional fee from our respected clients.

Can You Guarantee the Quality of Your Noodle Packaging Is the Best?

We make exceptional noodle packaging accessible to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, we offer various styles of noodles packaging. You can always choose the right box style that best suits your needs and spending budget. Our competent graphic designers will assist you in designing creative and attractive packaging to sell more.

Regarding the quality, you can rest assured that we never sacrifice the quality of our custom packaging boxes.

We Offer Various Customization Options and the Best Design Support!

If you think that creating unique custom product boxes that draw attention will be difficult, you will love to work with us. Our qualified packaging designers will assist you with the best design support for free. With us, you can create unbeatable boxes from your own creative ideas.

Our various customization options range from:

The Design

You can choose from our wide range of design collections or apply your imaginative ideas to create your custom boxes.

The Styles

We have an impressive collection of box styles. You will get the freedom to choose your favorite box style that matches your needs and specifications.

To make your noodles look more unique and different, you can choose the right style for your boxes. Our packaging experts will help you get appealing boxes in various styles, including:

  • A tuck end box style – This is basically an end closure box in a noodle box
  • A gable box style – The comfortable handle on the top of the box will give more convenience for customers to bring their noodles anywhere
  • A window style – The enticing window shape on the box will let you display the actual look of your noodles and appeal to more customers
  • A two-piece style – This unique style will work well to make a huge difference in the market
  • Reverse tuck-end – The style comes closed in opposite directions to save your items from falling
  • Straight tuck-end boxes – The style has the same side closings, and it is ideal for food items
  • Seal-end boxes – This one comes with one side opening and closing while the bottom remains sealed

The Size

The size of your noodle packaging will be according to your product specifications and needs. You only need to brief us, and we will deliver the exactly measured packaging to give extra product protection. By measuring the size of your packaging, your noodles will not get spilled or decayed when you need to deliver them to your beloved customers. In the end, your customers will be happy when receiving your delicious noodles at their doorstep. Even better, they will not think twice about purchasing from your brand again!

The Color Combinations

Our packaging specialists will deliver your dream boxes, whatever color combinations you want to apply to your Chinese noodle boxes. You can use the basic design in one color print or use advanced color printing techniques to make the boxes an eye-catching design. To make your boxes look more authentic, you can match the color of your boxes with your brand logo.

If you want your box to look professional, it will be best to choose full-color printing technology. We provide you with many customization options.

The Finishing Options

We have wonderful finishing options when polishing your noodle box and making it look more captivating. What are they?

  • A gloss and matte lamination
  • A gold and silver foiling
  • Spot UV and aqua coating
  • The embossing and debossing techniques for your logo
  • And many other amazing options you can choose from

The Add-Ons

You can be creative by adding special add-ons to your food packaging boxes. We know that making your boxes stand out in the market is important to build your brand image. Add-ons will showcase your noodles differently. This way, the boxes will help you create a unique brand identity.

Do You Offer Eco-Friendly Noodle Boxes?

Yes, we do.

We have high-quality and eco-friendly packaging materials to make your noodle boxes become environmentally friendly. Our packaging materials will help you make your business look more sustainable in customers’ eyes. All our packaging materials, from cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and paperboard, to rigid, come with an environmentally friendly feature. Thus, working with us means you can contribute to saving the planet while shaping a reliable brand image at the same time.

Differentiate Your Brand with Custom Boxes of Noodles!

If you are looking for an effective solution to help you present your noodle brand differently, our custom boxes of noodles are ideal. We know that custom boxes are an ideal way to give customers the impression that your food items meet the food safety standards. Eventually, these boxes will help you deliver a positive impression. What’s more, your brand logo printed stunningly on the boxes will surely differentiate you from the rest.

High-Quality Noodles Boxes at a Single Click Away!

If you have been browsing for high-quality boxes to preserve, display, and deliver your noodles at the same time, you are on the right page now. You can get excellent quality custom food boxes at a single click away here! We provide the best boxes with the most competitive prices to let your brand stand out.

But wait, you will find more reasons to choose us as your packaging partner! By partnering with us, you will get the best of:

  • Proficient design support from our packaging experts without paying any fee
  • Free sample in request to know the final results
  • Custom printing to make your boxes look more exclusive
  • Fast turnaround time and quick delivery time
  • Free shipping service to deliver your boxes at your doorstep

So, now you can stop browsing now. Simply contact us and place your order to get splendidly designed noodle boxes that meet your needs!


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