Hot Dog Boxes

Are you searching for the best boxes to wrap your delicious hot dogs? This is where you will love our excellently designed hot dog boxes. Come with custom designs and a sturdy layout, these boxes will surely help you sell more of your tasty hot dogs! Customers will not be excited to get your hot dogs without appealing boxes, even if they are delicious.

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What Makes Your Custom Hot Dog Boxes Different from Ready-Made Boxes?

We have been providing exclusive custom boxes for businesses of all sizes. With us, you can be assured that you will get only top-notch boxes wrapping your hot dogs. Our custom hot dog boxes come with features you cannot find in ready-made boxes. What are they?

  • Our custom boxes are designed with perfection and quality measures
  • Our custom boxes are made of selected and premium packaging materials
  • Our custom boxes are printed with innovative digital and offset printing technique
  • Our custom boxes are available at the most reasonable prices that will fit your budget

By getting the finest quality custom boxes for your delightful hot dogs, you will see how your sales get increase within seconds!

How Wide a Variety of Packaging Materials Do You Provide?

We never want to make any compromise regarding the quality of our hot dog boxes. When you work with us, you will be free to choose the packaging materials you want to use.

We have a wonderful variety of packaging materials, including:

Cardboard Hot Dog Boxes

Cardboard will be the most flexible packaging material you can choose. This packaging material enables you to design your boxes easily in any shape and size you need. Regarding durability, cardboard comes with high strength and the capability to preserve your delicious food properly.

Paper Hot Dog Boxes

Paperboard is another smart option you can choose. This material will help not only in preserving your tasty hot dogs. Better than that, paperboard material will also help you minimize the overall production and shipping costs. How? Because this material comes in lightweight. Thus, you can easily manage your budget by choosing this material.


Kraft has been famous for packaging many food items. Many brands choose this material due to the eco-friendly property it offers. The best part is that when you use this material, you will also contribute to saving the environment.


This material is popular for its strength in securing products during transit. This material will work well to preserve your hot dogs.


Rigid is the best option if you wish to make your hot dog boxes look more elegant.

Can You Design Hot Dog Boxes for Wedding?

Yes, of course, we can.

Our packaging professionals have the best qualified knowledge and years of experience in the world of packaging industry. We will create whatever type of boxes you need. All of us are ready to assist you in designing stages if you need hot dog boxes for wedding.

We have modern finishing options to decorate your boxes for a wedding event. You can choose to get the boxes applied with wonderful options such as:

  • Matte coating – To deliver a more decent look from your boxes
  • Glossy coating – To create a shinier appearance for your boxes
  • Silver or gold hot foiling – To make your boxes appeal more exclusive and lavish
  • UV Spot – To provide extra protection for your boxes

Better yet, you can also add your personal touch by applying some add-ons to your hot dog boxes. Whatever ideas you have in your mind, our packaging experts will realize them and make your boxes as attractive as possible.

How Much Will Your Hot Dog Bun Boxes Cost?

We have been catering to the business of all sizes. You don’t need to worry about having to pay an excessive amount when ordering hot dog bun boxes from us. Not only that we offer the most exceptional boxes at the lowest prices. Better yet, you can order the boxes at a low minimum order quantity. Plus, there will be no additional charge you need to pay. We do our transactions as transparent as we can with our respected clients.

Do You Provide Hot Dog to Go Boxes?

Yes, we do.

We have a wide collection of box styles you can choose from to design hot dog to go boxes. Our complete customization options to let you run your creative ideas on the boxes. To give more convenience to your customers, you can try out unique box styles such as:

  • Gable box style – The box comes with a comfortable handle on the top to make it easier for customers to carry your hot dogs
  • Window box style – This box lets customers see your delicious hot dog inside before they even open the box
  • Many other unique options for convenient box styles

All you need to do is brief us about your needs and requirements. Then, our packaging professionals will do the work to deliver your boxes accordingly.

Will You Print My Brand Logo On the Food Packaging?

Yes, of course, we will.

At CustomProductBoxes, we use high-tech printing hardware to create the most evocative packaging boxes. We use two different printing techniques, which are:

  • Digital printing technique
  • Offset printing technique

You can simply let us know if you need to print details such as:

  • Product name and descriptions
  • Product image and graphic
  • Your company name and brand logo
  • Other branding essentials

By stunningly printing your brand logo on your food packaging, those customers will perceive your brand as reliable and trustworthy. In the end, it will no longer be difficult to sell your delicious hot dogs more to the market!

Will You Deliver My Hot Dog Box to My Place? How Much Will I Have to Pay for the Fee?

Yes, we will be happy to deliver your bespoke hot dog box to your doorstep according to your expectations. We will deliver your custom packaging box to your front door with our best hassle-free shipping service. We provide a quick turnaround time to let our clients get their packaging boxes before their expected due date. What’s better, you will not have to worry about the shipping fee at all. This way, you can further manage your spending budget.

Deliver a Better Customer Experience with Exceptional Custom Hotdog Boxes!

Customers will always love to purchase your hot dogs if you provide them with a memorable customer experience. Imagine when you order a hot dog, and it comes in messy packaging. Surely, you will not want to order from that brand again, will you?

Now imagine when you order a delicious hot dog, and it is delivered to your doorstep in exceptional custom hotdog boxes. By just looking at the boxes, you know that the hot dog inside will be delightfully tasty.

The cases above happen to your customers when you deliver your hot dogs to their doorstep. If you can deliver a better customer experience, they will surely want to make a future purchase.

Win the Market Easily with Exclusive Hot Dog Boxes!

So, do you think that your hot dogs deserve the best product display? Of course, you do!

Product display matters a lot when it comes to grabbing more sales and winning the market. This applies even further to food items such as hot dogs. Even if you have the best hot dogs in town, you will not get maximum customers’ attention without attractive boxes.

Our exclusive hot dog boxes are what you need to make milestones and win the market easily. So, if you are ready to see a boost in your sales, simply contact us now! We will be more than happy and dedicated to meeting your packaging needs.


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