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Are you in search of your macaron packaging. You are on right place. We manufacture custom macaron boxes for this delicious dessert. Our boxes separate macaron flavors and colors and help distinguish your bakery brand from others. We provide high-quality bespoke boxes with interesting designs or graphics. You may request whatever design you like. Our first-quality packaging keeps macarons fresh and tasty for your customer. Contact us for cheap and hot looking packaging for macaron dessert.

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Purpose That Macarons Boxes Perform

Little rectangular boxes like the ones you see in bakeries usually contain macarons. These are for displaying and selling macarons. Egg whites, sugar, almond flour, and food coloring are used to make various types of macarons. Many good things come from purchasing macaron boxes in bulk.

To begin with, they shield the macarons from harm. And secondly, they protect the macarons from grime and moisture. In addition, they facilitate the transport of macarons to the homes of their clients.

Last but not least, they aid in advertising and presenting the macarons in an expert manner. Macaron packs are a must-have for every bakery. We make it easy for you to order them. We take pride in the quality and aesthetics of our packaging boxes.

Your macarons will be safer in the boxes, and the packaging will increase their attractiveness to potential buyers. Don’t forget to get some boxes the next time you’re filling up on supplies for your bakery.

Keep the Flavor and Protect Your Macarons from Moisture

The packing materials cannot be overlooked while discussing boxes. Yes, we provide a variety of packing options to ensure their security for an extended length of time. In that light, consider the following alternatives:

  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated

Our boxes are a high-quality promotional item, and we provide printing services.

You may give your macarons a high-end appearance with the help of personalized macaron boxes. Digital printing and offset printing are only two of the many printing options available for personalizing your packaging.

Digital Printing

Whatever kind of printing you end up using, the packs will look fantastic and serve as an excellent advertisement for your company.

With the convenience of digital printing, bespoke boxes may be made in small batches. Fast and simple, but yielding excellent outcomes, this method gets the job done quickly and painlessly.

We can generate graphics that are both colorful and detailed by using digital printing. This kind of printing excels at reproducing photographs, company logos, and other detailed graphics on large quantities of boxes.

Off Printing

Offset printing is the standard method of printing and is most cost-effective when used for mass production. It’s easier on the eyes and may be made in a wide range of colors.

Packaging boxes for macarons, whether printed digitally or by hand, are a fantastic promotional tool. Our packaging boxes are grateful for your business.

Dramatically Affect Their Appearance After Customization

We have the ideal packaging for your delicious macarons. They are exquisitely crafted from superior materials and will leave a lasting impression on your visitors with their stunning glossy sheen. Furthermore, they fold up compactly for transportation and storage.

We provide a variety of sizes, and you may have them personalized with your own writing or logo. Our macaron packing boxes are ideal for commemorating any special occasion. You may top your macarons with any of these delicious options:

Matte Finish

Coatings may be applied to many different materials, and one option is a matte finish. Matte coatings are used in custom printed macaron boxes of food packaging in the United States because they are more visually appealing than gloss or semi gloss finishes.

They prevent spoilage and prolong shelf life by shielding perishables from contamination. Non-porous coatings, such those used in creating matte finishes, prevent germs and other pollutants from penetrating the surface.

Glossy Finish

Glossy coatings on macaron boxes are preferable since they help bring out the colors of the macarons shown within. Gloss coating may also be used to give the box a more sophisticated and expensive appearance.

Macarons lose their flavor when they get soggy, but that won’t happen with our gloss coating, which protects the box from collecting any moisture.

Extra Factors That Can Increase Your Product Worth

Wholesale macaron boxes may be customized with beautiful additions and upgrades such as spot UV, foiling, embossing, debossing, and so on. You may now choose from a far larger pool of alternatives. This will allow you to make your sweet treats look even more appealing.

Macarons are an ageless treat that never fails to please. Whether it’s a family reunion or a wedding anniversary, they improve the event with their air of elegance and refinement. They’re aesthetically pleasing and, of course, tasty. The optional extras we provide are as listed below.

Regional UV

Macaron packs can benefit from having spot UV added, since it will save the box’s delicate design. It also boosts the box’s perceived worth, which may attract additional buyers.

Contrast Between Embossing and Debossing

The texture and aesthetic attractiveness of macaroon boxes may be enhanced by debossing and embossing. Debossing is the inverse technique of embossing, although they are otherwise quite similar. Instead of creating a raised surface, a depression is made.

The two methods work well together to enhance readability of text or patterns and to provide the illusion of depth. This is due to the fact that shadows and highlights help objects seem three dimensional.

Combining debossing with stamping may provide even more eye-catching results. When used on different areas of the box, they produce dramatic highlights and shadows.

Foiling Beautifications

Foil decorations have become more popular in recent years, especially on high-priced goods. Gourmet treats, high-end candies, and specialty coffees have all seen a rise in demand for this style. As long as the product’s quality remains unchanged, businesses may increase the price of their products by using foil accents in the package.

Foil increases the price, but customers are often ready to pay more because they value the custom macaron packaging perceived quality. If macaron makers follow this trend, they may keep their costs the same while giving the impression that their treats are of superior quality.

Do You Make Custom Boxes?

Custom box styles are available. You may alter the boxes, however. Choose from our website’s box styles. Weave Boxes and Double Wall Front Tuck End Mailers Boxes are available. Just choose a box style…!

Why Need My Product’s Dimensions for Macaron Packaging Boxes?

Perfect package dimensions are needed. We need your product’s measurements to confirm the box’s size. If you don’t provide the required box measurements, your goods may not fit properly. Your product packaging will appear awful. For a proper macaron packaging boxes, we require your product’s measurements.

Do I Have to Pay Hidden Costs for Die and Plate Prices?

Nothing is hidden. We disclose fees. Die and plate expenses are not included in the price. We value our clients; thus, we don’t charge die and plate fees.

Do You Add Your Shipping Cost As Extra Cost?

As we mentioned that we are working last fifteen years. We never add any shipping cost as extra cost.

Why Us

We’re the greatest packaging company because we provide free samples, free delivery, and a quick turnaround time. Due to our extensive stock of readily available packaging materials, we are in a position to provide custom macaron boxes services. Additionally, we have a staff of professionals that can assist you in selecting the most appropriate macaron favor boxes for your event. Please choose our quick delivery options. Please feel free to contact CustomProductBoxes with any inquiries you have about our services.


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