Custom Gold Foil Boxes

Want to add a little more sparkle to your custom boxes? Some unique and expensive products need packaging that complements their notoriety. This is where our custom gold foil boxes come in handy. These appealing boxes are perfect for making your products shine brighter than the surroundings. Yes, we offer these finest-class boxes to enhance your product appeal and match the price tag. Eventually, these boxes make it very easy to give your brand image a distinctive look and feel you want. Get these adorable boxes by placing your order today!

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Gold Foil Boxes – The Most Luxury Packaging Options

Our gold foil boxes offer luxury packaging options. These boxes are ideal for products that need to appeal to customers. They are made by layering regular packaging material and layering gold foil on top of the boxes.

A perfect combination of a sturdy inner layer of traditional packaging materials combined with a luxurious gold foil outer, these custom boxes are ideal for many types of products. In fact, many brands have been using them to display the most expensive and elegant products.

Get Various Shapes and Styles for Gold Foil Packaging Boxes!

Browse our vast library of custom shapes and styles you can choose for these boxes. Find the one that best fits your products, and we will turn them into your very own gold foil packaging boxes.

Our various impressive options are available from:

  • Two-piece packaging style
  • Foldable packaging style
  • Gables packaging style
  • Sleeve packaging style
  • Drawer packaging style

You can make stylish fonts stand out with a background color that makes the whole box captivating. Yes, you can easily and freely choose the one that suits your business needs. Once you have done that, you can then select the gold foil stamping technique to make the boxes outstanding.

Let Your Products Shine Brighter with Gold Shipping Boxes!

Beautiful boxes combined with bi-metallic foil make your gold shipping boxes stand out and grab the customers’ attention. The gold foiling technique adds abstract grandeur and a premium look to your boxes. In addition, the combination of foil stamping and decoration helps you create an elegant 3D image of the boxes.

These enchanting boxes will be ideal for products such as:

  • Elegant jewelry items
  • Exclusive cosmetic items
  • Luxury perfumes
  • Innovative decoration items
  • Gift items
  • And more

Our Premium Material Selections for Custom Foil Stamped Boxes

We use only premium packaging materials to manufacture our custom foil stamped boxes. With our high-tech equipment, we create attractive and defensive boxes at the same time.

To create the most protective and exclusive boxes, we use the following materials below!

  • Cardboard material
  • Corrugated sheet
  • Rigid material
  • Kraft layer
  • Paperboard

We use the most impeccable quality materials to produce the boxes you desire. With these boxes wrapping your exceptional products, you can deliver your customers something beautiful every day. The

Surprise Your Customers with Lovely Custom Foil Packaging

Perfectly designed custom foil packaging is the most conservative approach to showcasing your products and attracting customers at first sight.

To surprise your customers, you can get help from our qualified packaging team. Yes, we will help you to design the right packaging to complement your product and brand.

  • Do you need an extra substitute to enhance your packaging?
  • Or do you want to display a selection of embellishments to make your brand name stand out?

Whatever requirements and ideas you have in your mind, you can simply discuss them with us!

Outstanding Gold Foil Box to Add Flair to Your Products

Applying the gold foiling technique highlights all attributes. Accordingly, applying it to the information you provide on the box can easily convey important information.

This gold foil box helps convey important information and product features better. We will help you provide various information-carrying elements on the box. Then, the gold foiling technique will create a glittering appearance. In the end, you can use this packaging to enhance the visuals of your products and create a deluxe appearance.

For example, we will print shades, styles, and instructions for use on the packaging for your cosmetics. Then, we will apply gold foil to add sparkle. This way, all the necessary details are highlighted in an attractive way.

Grab More Prospects with Wholesale Gold Foil Boxes

Wholesale gold foil boxes are ideal for packing gift items that are given to loved ones on special occasions. On the other hand, you can also display and deliver other products captivatingly with these boxes. In fact, the moment you decide to use these boxes for your products, you can expect to grab more prospects! How?

The presence of gold foiling on these boxes provides a special brightness. Eventually, it gives your boxes a glossy effect and enhances their aesthetics. Thus, these boxes will attract all eyes to pay attention.

The Innovative Features of Our Gold Foil Packaging

Our gold foil packaging is the best option to wrap all that goodness in baked items, cosmetic items, or gift wrapping. This packaging also works well for virtually any occasion, including Christmas, New Year’s, and more. Have a look at the innovative features provided by our packaging below!

  • Customizable packaging solutions

A very promising element you can get from this packaging is that it is fully customizable. This means you can build them in any convenient shape or size that best fits your business needs. We know that some products might not withstand the dimensions of the box. Yet, you can reconfigure them to meet the required standards for those products. Whether you need it to send a gift or to makeover your business, this packaging will help you increase your customer base.

  • Apparent price match quality

Another amazing feature of our custom gold foil boxes is that they can be very eye-catching. These boxes are the perfect choice if you aim to make more sales and convert your prospects into potential customers. With gorgeous artwork and designs that resemble gold, these boxes are a great way to boost your business. In brief, these boxes provide an apparent price match guarantee you need.

  • Our retail packaging boxes give protection and safety

Our retail packaging boxes are not only about design. Better yet, these boxes are about how your brand looks and interprets. They go above and beyond and evolve to provide an extra layer of security and protection that other custom boxes can’t.

Come with an extra layer of plated material on top, these boxes use the UV rays coming directly from the sun and block them from entering the boxes. This way, your products stay safe inside the boxes.

  • Excellent quality printing

We use excellent-quality printing and design. If you are worried that your logo might be misaligned or there are other defects in the packaging, we guarantee that nothing of the kind will happen. To print and design our boxes, we use modern and innovative equipment. Rest assured that our team of skilled designers will do their best to make your final design more vibrant than you expected.

What Is a Gold Foil Box?

Gold foil gives the box a metallic reflective finish, a holographic look, and a glossy 3D look. It comes in a variety of glossy options ranging from rose gold, matte, and royal gold to copper. As a result, this technique gives a premium and attractive look to a gold foil box.

How to Order Your Custom Gold Foil Boxes from Website?

There are many simple ways to place your order with us, including:

  • Call and talk to our customer support
  • Please send an email to our customer support
  • Talk to us via our live chat platform

Can I Get the Design Proof?

Yes, of course.

We will send you the design proof before starting production. Once we get your approval, our packaging team will then start the production process.

How Many Quantities Do I Have to Order for a Start?

We are flexible with our clients. For the starting order, you can get a low minimum quantity order and get 50 boxes.

Do I Have to Pay Any Extra Charge for Printing or Shipping the Boxes?

We perform our business processes transparently and honestly. We never and will never charge any hidden fees or extra costs to our clients. Most importantly, do note that you will get your order delivered to your place with our fast and free shipping service!

Speak About Your Packaging Requirements with Us!

CustomProductBoxes employs professional staff and qualified designers to create impeccable custom gold foil boxes. Speak to us, tell us all your packaging requirements and let our expert team design the boxes you want. Give us a call now!


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