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Cupcakes, who would not want to have a bite of these sweet bakery items? But wait, there is nothing to worry about at all, actually. When you present your delightful cupcakes in exclusive cupcake boxes, you can easily grab more sales quickly! Considering thousands of bakery brands offering their delicious cupcakes, this market will be fierce for you.

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We Offer High-Quality Custom Cupcake Boxes to Complement Your Sweet Items!

To help you sell more of your sweet cupcakes, you need to make your items as appealing as possible. In addition, your items should look compelling and of premium quality. By getting our high-quality custom cupcake boxes, it will be easy to complement your sweet items. Our exclusive custom boxes will not only pack your delicate cupcakes securely.

Better yet, top-notch quality boxes will help you in many ways, including:

  • Complement your sweet cupcakes with your brand’s unique theme
  • Define the quality taste of your cupcakes in the product description
  • Drive customers’ purchasing decisions through a lovely custom display
  • Deliver your delicate cupcakes safely to your beloved customers
  • Bring your bakery brand into the limelight through a stunning brand logo

In brief, you will never get any disappointment when you work with our packaging specialists to design your boxes. We are committed to creating error-free custom boxes to flaunt your items and highlight your brand.

Can I Design Individual Cupcake Boxes with My Artwork?

Our competent packaging designers offer various range of design and printing styles. We will be pleased to providing our client’s needs and requirements with your own customized artwork. To meet every single of your expectations, we provide you with the most professional design support at a free cost.

You will get the chance to create and design your individual cupcake boxes with your own creative packaging ideas. Whatever design and the artwork you have in your mind, our packaging experts are ready to assist you.

By choosing to work with us, you can get tremendous benefits of:

  • Applying your brand’s theme and patterns to make your boxes your brand ambassadors
  • Using relevant images and modern graphics to present your delicious cupcakes amazingly
  • Decorating your boxes with your favorite color combinations to draw more attention
  • Print your company details and branding elements to promote your brand

By availing of our customization offer, you will get the freedom to apply various customization options. From the design to the size, the color combination, to the printing style, you will be in charge of the overall design of your boxes.

Which Printing Method Do You Use to Print Your Cupcake Boxes Wholesale?

Our packaging professionals use highly advanced equipment and innovative printing hardware. For the printing techniques, we use:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing

To make your cupcake boxes wholesale look more colorful, we use:

  • CMYK color model
  • PMS color model

Our qualified designers have the best knowledge in designing and printing all types of custom packaging boxes. Whatever details you want to print on your boxes, we will cover them for you!

  • You can proudly provide your target customers with:
  • Unique design and pattern that matches your brand’s theme
  • Product’s name and descriptions
  • Lively images and contemporary graphics
  • Branding essentials such as the company’s name, brand logo, and slogan, or an exciting brand story

In the end, you can rest assured that you will only get the finest quality boxes when you work with our experts. We will never leave our clients with any disappointment when working with our company.

How Many Material Options Do You Have for Single Cupcake Boxes?

Our years of experience make us confident and proud to present high-end results to our respected clients. When it comes to creating exceptional single cupcake boxes, we will never make any compromise. We pay attention to every single detail to avoid any mistakes or errors in designing your boxes. Regarding the materials, we use only selected and premium quality packaging materials.

You can choose from our outstanding packaging material collections, including:


The lightweight paperboard has been famous in the bakery industry. Many bakery brands prefer this packaging material to produce their packaging boxes. The main reason is that its lightweight nature makes paperboard the best option to minimize the overall production and shipping costs.


The flexible cardboard is popular for packing any type of product. This packaging material is perfect for cosmetics, food, bakery, and medicine items. In fact, when it comes to getting appealing cardboard cupcake boxes, cardboard can be your best bet.


Perhaps you already know how kraft is famous for being the most environmentally friendly packaging material. Kraft is the perfect choice for brands that aim to have green packaging. Additionally, using this material to wrap your delicate cupcakes will not harm your items inside. Most importantly, it will make protective boxes that do no harm to our mother Earth.


Delivering your delicious yet delicate cupcakes in cupcake boxes from corrugated will be the smartest idea. Not only this packaging material will let you make the most defensive boxes. More than that, corrugated works well in presenting your brand name as a reliable one. How?

Customers will trust your brand further when you take great care of preserving your bakery items in their best shapes and conditions.


Speaking of presenting your cupcakes in the most luxurious way possible, rigid is the one you need. Rigid will make your Food Packaging look more convincing in customers’ eyes. This packaging material is known for its sturdy and elegant texture.

Whatever packaging material you will choose for your cupcake boxes, you should also consider your packaging needs. Don’t worry; our experts will help you decide the most suitable one.

How Many Packaging Styles Do You Provide for Mini Cupcake Boxes?

We provide our clients with a comprehensive collection of unique packaging styles to produce impressive mini cupcake boxes.

You can design your boxes from various styles such as:

  • Drawer boxes
  • Window cupcake boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • 6 cupcake boxes
  • 4 cupcake boxes
  • White cupcake boxes
  • And other amazing styles

If you want to get a custom style for your boxes, we will help you design the right boxes to complement your cupcakes appealingly.

Do You Provide Finishing Options and Add-Ons for Christmas Cupcake Boxes?

Yes, of course, we do.

Regardless of the types of boxes you need, you can get them designed innovatively by our packaging specialists. We will help you create the best boxes if you need appealing Christmas cupcake boxes.

To make your boxes look more special, we provide plenty of finishing options and add-ons to polish them.

Our collections range from:

  • The glossy and matte coating techniques
  • The gold and silver hot foiling techniques
  • The exceptional UV spot to shield your boxes
  • The embossing and debossing techniques will make your brand logo pop up

If you wish to make your cupcake gift boxes look more marvelous, we have various beautiful add-ons you can apply as well.

You can easily choose to apply:

  • Classy bows
  • Fancy ribbons
  • Sparkling glitters
  • Lovely ties
  • Trendy hangtags
  • And more other options

By applying the right finishing option and adding your personal touch with add-ons, you can catch every eye without hassle!

Do You Provide Small Cupcake Boxes?

Yes, we provide our custom boxes in all sizes. We will design the best boxes for your delightful cupcakes, whether you need the small, medium, or big ones. We will require your product specifications to ensure you get the right fit boxes.

To design a unique shape of your boxes, you can also choose the one that meets your needs. We will design your small cupcake boxes according to your requirements.

You can decide to have:

  • A square box
  • A round box
  • A hexagon box
  • A pillow box
  • Or any custom shape you need

All you need to do is let us know your expectations, and we will get it all covered for you!

Can You Design Single Cupcake Boxes?

Yes, of course, we can.

Cupcakes are small size bakery items if we compared to the original cakes. Thus, the most appealing and reasonable packaging boxes for them will be single cupcake boxes. We will help you design these boxes with the inner space for only one cupcake inside. You can get these wonderful boxes in as much quantity as you need. Additionally, you can get them lightweight.

These boxes will be the trendiest way to match your cupcakes with birthdays or anniversary events. At some occasions, gatherings, or celebrations, your perfectly designed boxes will add to the brightness of the event. The best part is that you will get the freedom to make the boxes look very elegant. You will also get the chance to modify the size of the boxes to fit your cupcakes perfectly.

Do You Provide Custom Inserts for Cardboard Cupcake Boxes?

Yes, we do.

We understand that cupcakes are very soft, delicate, and creamy at the same time. Thus, these delightful bakery items can be very vulnerable if you pack them in poor-quality packaging. Thus, for the extra protection you need, we provide inner packaging options for cardboard cupcake boxes.

You can choose from:

  • Custom inserts
  • Dividers
  • Partitions

Adding extra protection will make your bespoke boxes the safest way to protect your cupcakes. Most importantly, the inner packaging materials will make your tasty cupcakes completely free of any damage during transit.

How Can I Be Assured What My Bulk Cupcake Boxes Would Look Like?

We will be happy to let you have a look at the proof before your bulk cupcake boxes are processed. You can also notify any amendments timely. You can also request a free sample to ensure your boxes are designed according to your demands.

What Is Your Standard Turnaround Time to Produce Cupcake Packaging Boxes?

We provide our respected clients with quick turnaround and on-time delivery. You can discuss with us the due date you need for your cupcake packaging boxes. Before the printing process begins, we will send specification sheets for approval. Once you approve our designs, we will create and complete your boxes in a standard turnaround time between 7 to 10 working days. For rush orders, you can discuss and get more details from our customer support.

What If I Need to Get the Fastest Shipping for My Customized Cupcake Boxes?

Of course, you can.

All you need to do is talk to our customer support, and we will make our best effort to meet your assigned date. Typically, we require an additional fee in order to deliver the fastest shipping for customized cupcake boxes. Contact us for more details!

Increase Product Visibility with Window Cupcake Boxes

In the context of bakery items, we know that your items deserve to be presented in the most beautiful manner possible. Additionally, you should also help customers get a slight view of your delicious items. Well, you can achieve this goal through window cupcake boxes.

These boxes provide safety for your cupcakes as customers can see them without opening the boxes. Even better, these boxes will present your cupcakes in a highly elevated and amazing product display.

The purpose of adding a beautiful window to your boxes is to let those customers see through the boxes. This way, they can check out the actual shapes of your cupcakes. This memorable view will ultimately make them feel satisfied and happy with your product transparency.

The Importance of Having Custom Cupcake Boxes from Us

Every bakery brand would love to boost the sale of its items. Additionally, of course, you would also want to increase the profitability of your business. Exclusively designed custom cupcake boxes increase the visual appearance of your delicious cupcakes.

Below are some of the qualities you can get from our top-notch cupcake boxes!

Safe Transportation Guaranteed

As a bakery brand, you might receive hundreds or thousands of cupcake orders for some special occasions. So, how can you ensure secure delivery of your sweet cupcakes?

Obviously, durable boxes will deliver your items while preserving them in original shape and taste as well. In these boxes, you can place your delightful bakery items properly to help consume less space for storage.

Get Your Boxes in Any Shape and Size by Working with Us!

We know that product presentation plays a vital role in grabbing maximum customers’ attention. Our expert designers and professional staff understand that uniqueness is a MUST to achieve better results. This is why we will love to assist you in designing your boxes in various shapes and styles you need.

Our Window Cupcake Boxes Are of Excellent Quality

The attachment of the window to your bespoke boxes will lead to extra benefits for your bakery business. Window cupcake boxes give the best idea about how your cupcakes inside are. Better yet, the window shape will also increase the customers’ appetite by viewing your mouthwatering cupcake inside. With these boxes, those customers do not feel the need to open the boxes to check your items as they already get a beautiful glimpse.

The Freedom to Customize Your Boxes

We believe that every brand owner tries to run the business in a new energetic way. Therefore, we provide the offer of having custom packaging boxes. Our experts will guide you about the printing design and colors to deliver the best results. Plus, there are no restrictions or limitations on your creativity here!

Print Your Cupcake Boxes Wholesale with Your Brand Logo Innovatively!

Your brand logo will be the face of your bakery business to build customers’ trust. In fact, its value is even higher when we talk about bakery items. Why?

We know that customers have become very conscious, and they will not simply purchase any bakery item they can find in the market. Instead, they will check your brand first through your logo on your cupcake boxes wholesale. Additionally, they will also find out about your reputation.

You can print your brand logo at the top of the upper surface in an innovatively highlighted way. This will make it easier for those customers to filter put your genuine cupcakes amongst other bakery brands.

We Provide the Finest Quality of Cupcake Boxes in Bulk

Cupcakes are delightful bakery items made through various procedures using carefully chosen ingredients together. These items are very mild and soft with a spongy composition and light texture. Thus, only the finest quality cupcake boxes in bulk can help you to keep them undamaged.

Your boxes will undergo quality testing before we deliver them to your place. We assure you that we only produce the perfect boxes for all kinds of cupcakes.

Level Up Your Business with Our Customized Cupcake Boxes

If you wish to level up your business, the smartest way is to design the boxes that complement your items. Customized cupcake boxes will be the most wonderful option as the  boxes will represent the modern outlook. In addition, these boxes will be designed through modern colors and innovative printing methods. This way, these boxes will be amazing in selling your tasty cupcakes highly. By partnering with us, you don’t need to worry about the sales; they will surely go up through these splendid boxes.

Get Our Amazing Cupcake Boxes Cheap with a Low Minimum Order Quantity!

We understand that it will depend on your sale that how many custom boxes you need. Our cupcake boxes cheap are rightly designed for bakery businesses, whether you are a newbie in this industry. Whether you need your boxes in small quantities or bulk ones, you can always count on us. Yes, we provide you peace of mind to place your order at a low minimum order quantity!

Spice Up Those Special Occasions with Personalized Mini Cupcake Boxes!

Many people consider cupcakes as complementary items on every occasion. In this context, you will bake your cupcakes according to the theme of the event. Personalized mini cupcake boxes will work perfectly to highlight your delicious cupcakes on special occasions.

By working side by side with our packaging experts, you can personalize your boxes in various beautiful ways. This include:

  • Using unique and authentic designs
  • Applying matching color combinations with the occasion
  • Choosing a unique style related to specific occasions

Personalized cupcake boxes will get the proper color combination, patterns, and printing style how you want them to be. Guess what? These boxes can end up being your best and cost-effective brand ambassadors! In the end, you will be very pleased to see how these boxes sparkling on any type of occasion.

Various Unique Design Options

You will find thousands of choices for designing your bespoke cupcake boxes. No matter what size, shape, or style you need, our packaging professionals will always come up with the best recommendations to satisfy every client.

We will let you get the most impeccable boxes from silver or gold foiling, gloss or matte lamination, and spot UV coating. Do not hesitate to brief our team about your packaging requirements and specifications.

We Offer Promising Pricing Benefits for Our Clients!

A well-known packaging company, CustomProductBoxes is the best stop to get cupcake boxes near me. We provide hundreds of benefits to many companies of all sizes, one of them being the pricing benefit.

When it comes to getting your packaging boxes in large amounts and using them for your bakery business, you will need to get a bulk supply. For new businesses, the prices of your boxes might sound seem unaffordable to small businesses. However, you have nothing to worry about when you work with us. We provide only durable quality cupcake packaging boxes at reasonable prices. With our customization options, you can design the boxes according to your every expectation.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a complete packaging solution for your delightful cupcakes. Your custom boxes will be available at the most cost-effective rates.

You can get cupcake boxes and various beautiful finishing options by placing your order with us. These boxes will be the most affordable marketing tools you can have. In addition, these boxes come with wonderful features that help in:

  • Brand promotion
  • Proper product storage
  • Amazing product presentation
  • And more benefits for you to get

In simple words, you can get the most exclusive boxes to present your cupcakes without spending a huge budget. Well, isn’t that what every brand wants?

Still Need More Reasons to Choose Us?

We always try to cater to our respected clients’ needs and expectations. We use only the highest quality equipment and modern techniques to produce your exceptional cupcake boxes wholesale. Plus, you will get more benefits from working with us. What are they?

  • We provide the best and professional design support for free
  • Get a free sample on request to see how your boxes will be
  • We design your boxes with fast turnaround and on-time delivery
  • We provide the boxes at reasonable prices
  • We deliver your custom boxes to your place with a free shipping service

So, why would you need to waste more time now? Simply contact us to get more details and get ready to win the market with appealing cupcake boxes!


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