Box Divider Inserts

Box divider inserts, also known as box partitions, are primarily used to create compartments in packaging. They work well in separating and securing multiple products in one single exclusive packaging. Brands that offer extra protection for fragile products in transit prefer this inner packaging material to give more extra protection. The best part is that they are fully customizable and perfect for organizing products in a box. Whether it is a light product such as a biscuit or a fragile product such as a glass bottle, you can get the right solution from us.

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Reasons to Choose Cardboard Box Inserts and Dividers

If you are selling multiple products by packing them in one single box, you will need durable cardboard box inserts and dividers. These dividers and inserts serve more than just separating your multiple products inside the box.

Yes, they are very beneficial to help you meet various purposes, such as below!

Optimize Product Safety

If you are promoting small yet exclusive products such as jewelry, you will need jewelry box divider inserts. These inserts work very well in optimizing product safety. Most importantly, the inserts will deliver an impressive product display for customers to get.

Box Insert Dividers Make Your Products Look More Organized

When you pack multiple products in one exclusive box, you surely don’t want those products to be messed up inside. If customers will open the box and see how messy your products are, they will not perceive your brand as a reliable one. Instead, they will see how careless you are in displaying your products.

Things will be very different when you use box insert dividers. These dividers will organize your products and make them look more compelling. This way, you can deliver a remarkable first impression to your customers. Eventually, they will make your boxes fully branded for a beautiful unboxing experience.

Cardboard Box Divider/Inserts Make It Easier for Customers to Get Your Products

Yes, cardboard box divider/inserts make it easier for customers to get a product without disturbing other products in the box. By placing dividers or inserts, customers can easily get the one they want without even touching other products. This will be beneficial if you pack small biscuits or cookies.

Fully Customizable

Another excellent thing you can get from box divider inserts is that they are fully customizable. You can simply brief our packaging team regarding the size and number of dividers or inserts you need.

Get Robust and Durable Cardboard Box Divider Inserts from Us!

Our cardboard box divider inserts are great for keeping different sized products together in one box. Most importantly, they will prevent your products from bumping into each other during shipping.

If you wish to display your products more captivatingly in the box, we can design and manufacture the best inserts or dividers to do the job.

You can also rely on us to get custom inserts or dividers while also manufacturing your boxes. However, if you have already purchased your boxes elsewhere and you need custom inserts, please feel free to contact us for a custom insert solution.

We are your source to get the right packaging, from engineering a protective box specifically for your product that costs less to deliver to production and storage.

Contact us today to discuss the following:

  • Regular box separator inserts
  • Full selection of sizes that are custom-fit to your product
  • Personalized inserts or dividers

We Offer the Best Inserts and Dividers for Retail Packaging Boxes

We offer the best inserts and dividers for your retail packaging boxes to ensure your products will be safe and secure during the shipping journey.

The materials you can choose for your custom inserts and dividers range from:

  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated

In addition, we also give you the freedom to:

  • Decide the right dimensions for the inserts and dividers for extra protection for your products
  • Get protective die-cuts and custom shipping inserts
  • Create a custom fit to protect your product in transit

We are your one-stop solution when it comes to getting the right materials to protect your multiple products in a single box. Placing premium custom inserts and dividers means you have nothing to worry about when shipping your delicate or fragile products anywhere!

We Provide Full-Color Grade and Custom Printing

Now you can deliver a positive first impression to your beloved customers and create a memorable unboxing experience.

From prototypes to full production, we have the flexibility and capability to bring you the right packaging at the right price.

Our box divider inserts make it easy to pack and ship multiple items inside your box. Adding dividers to the box can further protect products that need to be separated. Far better, it also helps prevent fragile products from being damaged in transit. This way, you will not have to worry about getting product returns.

Our custom dividers and inserts are a great option for shipping products such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Products in bottles and jars
  • Jewelry
  • Confectioneries
  • And more

If you are concerned about the storage issue, you don’t need to worry, as inserts or dividers are easy to store. You can simply discuss all your product specifications with us, and we will create the right dividers or inserts for them! Thus, they will not take up storage space or office space.

Should I Choose Cardboard or Non-Cardboard Materials to Create My Box Divider Inserts?

This will depend on your needs and product capabilities. Cardboard box divider inserts will be ideal for shipping heavy and fragile items. Meanwhile, non-cardboard dividers are also perfect for lightweight and breakable products. All you need to do is let us know your packaging purposes, and our expert team will recommend the best materials.

Will Cardboard Box Divider/Inserts Protect My Fragile Products During Shipping?

Cardboard box divider/inserts are the best options to add to your packaging if you want your products to fit perfectly in a box. Additionally, these boxes are ideal if you want to divide your products properly.

If your products already fit snugly in a box, a divider or insert will provide an extra element of protection. On the other hand, if you need to protect your products optimally, other forms of protection should be considered, such as custom inserts or void fills. This way, you can ensure that your products will reach customers’ doorstep safely.

What Information Do I Need to Provide to Receive a Custom Quote for Inserts or Dividers?

In addition to the specifications of the outer box, you should provide us with:

  • A rough sketch model of the total number of dividers or inserts you want to create
  • The number of rows and columns you need in a single box

Can I Change the Design After Ordering?

Once the final proof is approved, we cannot allow you to change the design as the order may already be in mass production. However, with prompt notification to our packaging team, we may be able to stop production early to resubmit a new design.

Please note that additional costs may be added to your order due to the need to restart the production process. Get in touch with our customer representative to get more details about this.

Do You Offer Samples?

Yes, of course, we do!

We provide various samples that serve different purposes. Whether you want to test the size of your packaging or check the graphics to print, we are here for you. Talk to our customer representative for further information.

Why Choose Our Cardboard Box Divider?

We understand that there are hundreds of packaging companies that offer high-quality cardboard box divider. However, with us, you will get only premium-quality products.

With our free design support and complete customization options, you can get the dividers or inserts to be:

  • Tailor-made for your product and packaging
  • Made from thick packaging material for optimal protection
  • Excellent for keeping products in place with all movements
  • Perfect for securing your fragile products such as glass

By preserving and displaying your boxes innovatively, those customers will perceive your brand as trustworthy. Thus, they will not hesitate to make future purchases and recommend your brand to others. Give us a call now to get these innovatively designed box divider inserts with hassle-free shipping service, only at CustomProductBoxes!


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